“When I Stopped Struggling And Agonizing About Everything…Things Began To Fall In Place” – Betty Irabor On Why You Need To Practice Gratitude



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It is easier to overlook our ‘small’ achievements and cry over the ‘big’ ones we are yet to lay our hands on. We often forget that little drops of water make up a mighty ocean.

Author and publisher of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor advised against the act of looking down on your progress in life.

In a series of tweets, she shared a personal experience where she realised she was almost 60 and had not done some of the things she had hope for.

However, on realizing that worrying about them won’t help matters, she decided to thank God for the things she had achieved.

She tweeted,

2 years b4 my 60th, I was beside myself with anxiety as 4 of d things I wanted to achieve so badly fell thru, & now they r coming together.

I realised that when I stopped hyperventilating and trying to do everything all at once in a bid to make my 60 deadlines I could focus better.

I kept thinking; “I am going to be 60 & what do I have to show for it?” My family couldn’t believe me & they reminded me of my achievements

I felt they were patronising ; the feeling of underachievement continued until I decided “u know what? It’s ok. I give up “

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I kid you not… But when I stopped struggling and agonizing abt everything… Things began to fall in place; slowly but surely…

When things look like they are not coming together it’s probably because the potter is moulding us for the bigger and the better…

You can’t get ahead with a spirit of ingratitude… You can only get more when you give thanks for what you already have…

We all get to that place where we sometimes think we have achieved nothing but taking stock of d little we have achieved helps us forge ahead

We must learn to give thanks with a grateful heart…

Sometimes help comes from the least expected places .. Don’t be discouraged when those you believed would help u turn their backs on you…

God will not share His glory with anybody…

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