Conversations On Dencia’s Comment About Women Who Conceive Through IVF And Say It Is A Miracle



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A Cameroonian Nigerian-born singer and fashion entrepreneur, Dencia, is under criticism for her statement about women in their 40s and 50s who give birth to children after going through IVF and say its a miracle from God.


Many people have criticized her statement, while some people say there is a sense in what she said.

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FLORENCE.GABRIEL980: She is wrong bcos even d doctor only care bt God heal. do u know how many IVF fail so anyone giving honor to God for a successful IVF is right.

IKEESUY: It’s still God no doubt. But they should seriously include d ivf part so they can encourage others to try it. They don’t include it deliberately to make people think its natural and God… No person God de send make e help us. E no de come down by himself. Include d person wey e send. Shikenan

RELINDIS_RELINKAMSCLOTHING:  Even if IVF works, it did so because God
Almighty allowed that to be. So it’s a Miracle. And all the Glory has to go to God, not to any doctor. You could thank the Doctor for Gods grace in his life but then Glorify God for the possibility @iamdencia

LATUNDEDADA: Excuse me, some IVF fail that’s why when a woman is able to produce that means she gives all the glory to God


IAMDENCIA @relindis_relinkamsclothing I don’t understand how everyone missed the point, It’s obviously from God cuz he created humans in his image aka the Dr’s. Now do u see them saying they went through IVF at all? no, they claim it’s prayers, they completely leave out the IVF.

It takes 3-10000 tries for IVF to work because those Dr’s make u come back and back because that’s how they make a lot of money.If it works once that’s it, right? Why do u think insurances don’t cover? they know and understand the scam Dr’s are pulling (that’s what my gynecologist told me anyways)

Again whether it works or not, when making your announcement, include the Ivf process because other women will now run to churches thinking a pastor made the miracle when God did it through a Dr. We have twins in my family & they were conceived naturally.

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