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“How A Girl Booked Me To Do Her Makeup Just To Get My Man” – Twitter User


A Twitter user, @curvegawdess, who is a makeup artist shared how a lady booked her just to get her man.

In a series of tweets, she explained that her client came to her house during valentine’s day to get herself made up for her outing.

Meanwhile, she wasn’t aware that she had other plans.

Days after she came, she was with her boyfriend when an unsaved unfamiliar number sent a message to his phone.

Going through it, they found out it was her client and she confessed to stealing his number from her phone just to get to him.

She tweeted,

STORYTIME: A girl booked me to do her makeup, just to get to my man.

So I get a text like normal. We chat it up and her appointment is booked. LOL @ “special occasion”

She “wanted to be really sexy” FOR MY DAMN MAN I’m getting mad all over again.

FAST FORWARD to her appointment at 2 pm on Valentine’s Day. We’re having girl talk like I do with all my clients, talking about makeup & men

I remember this like it was yesterday….. She proceeds to ask “You have a boyfriend, don’t you? What are yall doing tonight?”

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I’m like “yea we’re going out nothing major” I was high key salty cause we hadn’t made solid plans so bitch stop I don’t wanna talk about it

I spent longer than normal on her face bc we were just chilling and vibing out. Keke’ing and what not. The bitch drinking my wine and all.

So my boo texts me saying he got off work early and is headed to my house. I’m in the middle of eyeshadow she has at least another 30 min.

Seems like not even 5 minutes after, he walks through the damn door. Any other time he wanna take 3 hours to get here. BUT

It IS Valentine’s Day so he walks in with hella flowers and gift cards to my fav places. I’m getting all mushy trying to stay professional

She’s like “Aw girl MUST BE NICE” you know, trying to keep it together but I can see the hurt in her eyes.

He’s like “damn bae I didn’t realize you had clients I’m sorry. I’ll just go shower and chill until you’re done”

So he disappears into the back and I’m finishing up her face. She’s like “wow I didn’t realize how much time has gone by (only a damn hour)

She says “well do you mind if I just get dressed here? I’m on a time crunch” BUT U WASNT RUSHING WHILE YOU WERE SIPPING ON MY DUCHESSA LIA

She goes to her car to grab her stuff. I’m admiring my flowers & what not. She comes back in with hella stuff like oh no baby wut is u doin

So I direct her to the bathroom cause she wanted to fix her hair and get dressed and all that jazz.

I went to go check my mail cause I’m thinking like she can’t steal anything because my mans is home. It’s all good. BIG MISS STEAK.



I was literally baffled. I tried calmly opening the door once more.

So if you know me, I like to handle things as passively as possible. I felt like I was being tried so I immediately went into stealth mode.

I always keep my windows open during the day bc I just like natural light and fresh air. SO, OF COURSE, I SPRINT MY ASS TO THE BACK OF THE APT

I’m looking through my bedroom window and my man is NOT in sight…. Now I’m not the most athletic gal around……

At this point, the adrenaline is taking over and you can bet your bottom buck I climbed my ass through that window!!!!!!!

So I’m looking for the nearest weapon to try to knock somebody ass out for disrespecting me. I grabbed a vase off of my dresser.

My mans walks in the room looking flustered and I just start swinging (I’m only 5’2″) so I thought I was really doing something and I wasn’t

He’s like “yo what the hell is your problem!?” I’m still swinging and screaming. IM SEEING RED AT THIS POINT BC UR INSULTING MY INTELLIGENCE

I calm down (w vase still in hand) and ask why tf the door was locked!? He said he did subconsciously and asked why I didn’t just knock…..

So I’m feeling real stupid bc I just broke into my own apartment

The bitch is still getting ready because I can smell the burning hair on her raggedy ass curling irons in MY bathroom

I knock on the bathroom door to see what’s going on but I gotta be calm bc “customer service”

She proceeds to come out and ask me how she looks………

So she’s getting herself together to leave and make it to her date that she so called was gonna be late for….

I’m standing by the door getting ready to end this lil episode and she’s like “Oops I think I forgot something in your bathroom” Annoyed.

So she skips her ass into the back, only to find that my bf was in the bathroom brushing his waves or whatever guys do to get dressed

At this point, this heffa has spent WAY too much time at my house and it’s getting fishier than a public restroom.

She then comes from out of the bathroom with all of her things and she leaves. BUT A FEW DAYS LATER

Me and boo kicking it. I’m still on a high from my vday gifts and what not. We’re Netflix and chilling. Watching funny vids on IG……..

He gets a text alert from an unsaved number…. A VERY FAMILIAR LOOKING unsaved number.

I usually don’t even meddle but I got that feeling y’all… so I’m like “babe who’s that? Let’s see who texted us” he’s like

You won’t even believe the AUDACITY

I’m not even a fighter but y’all don’t understand how LIVID I WAS knowing that I could not get to her

But fr y’all, I’m really not a fighter. I was LIVID but at the end of the day, I had what she so desperately wanted & would never have

I’m happy and prospering. While she’s miserable and preying on other people’s men over there

So the message came through. I must’ve read it over 10 times just to make sure I was seeing correctly.

At this point, I’m feeling delusional. Mumbling. Talking crazy. Could’ve pleaded temporary insanity. I must’ve blacked the hell out.

My mans saw the devil in my eyes and figured it was best that he took over from there.

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