What Shall We Say Of These Single Women Told To Choose The Men They Like During A Church Service?



Many do not seem to understand why a man of God will tell single women to queue up at the back of young men they would like to marry.

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin during a service in his church, had called out a lady and asked if she was married, to which she responded in the negative.

He asked the lady when she would like to marry and she said, “today sir.” He asked if she liked any man in the church and she said yes.

Then, he ordered her to go and pick the person she would like to marry but after walking around the auditorium, the lady turned back and asked the prophet to direct her.

“You know why she’s moving like that? They put a mask on her face. look for husband forever,” the prophet explained why she was yet to be married.

The prophet called for men who would like to marry her but she said she doesn’t like any of them.

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Then, he asked single women who were interested in the men to come out and a number of women trooped out, each at the back of the man she likes.

A man had over 10 women behind him.

“We cannot allow women to be like this forever. I want to marry for these people,” he said.

He asked the men, who had more than one woman behind them to ‘screen their wives,’ within a month of the matchmaking as he wanted to sponsor their wedding.

“You, go and look for your husband, in Jesus name,” he prayed for the first lady.


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