24-Year Old Model Dubbed ‘Queen Of Dark’ Is Teaching Women To Be Comfortable In Their Own Skin


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In a world where many young black women are using bleaching creams just to have a fair complexion, this 24-year old Sudanese woman is standing out in spite of her very dark skin.

In fact, she’s breaking boundaries in the modeling industry and has been named the ‘Queen of the Dark.’

Nyakim Gatwech, who now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is teaching women to embrace and love themselves irrespective of their complexion.

However, there are challenges that come with her color but Nyakim is not fazed.

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She has once been advised by an Uber driver to bleach her skin but Nyakim’s resolve to remain a black woman comes from the pride that she is an African woman and would not change her identity for anything.

She makes this known on every of her pictures posted on her Instagram page which always has over ten thousand likes.

One of her posts reads, 

My black is loud
It yelled at this pale-faced lady the other day
She tried to demean my black
And just as quickly as she did
My black screamed back.
My skin roared with elegance
Reminding you it is not afraid anymore

My black is loved
I rubbed it down tenderly today
Making sure to touch every inch.
Ever so gently it glistened and radiated
My black shimmers and still catches attention.
It’s been kissed and hugged
Yet still selfishly wants more

My black isn’t always easy
But I am my black and my black is me.
By Jennifer Asiedu

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