Jemima Osunde Expresses Her Disappointment At The Event That Played Out When She Assisted Some Accident Victims On Eko Bridge



“What if they had died?” Nollywood actress, Jemima Osunde asked after she was abandoned by policemen at the hospital, where she took some men involved in an accident too.

Jemima had witnessed an accident on Eko Bridge and decided to help. She got the police involved and the men were taken to LUTH for proper treatment. Jemima, who is also a medical student, expressed her disappointment at some Nigerians who brought out their phones to take pictures and make videos of the accident victims rather than help. Some also stole Victims’ phones, wallets, and money.

Thankfully, the men are stabilized and doing well.

She tweeted,

I watched the most terrible thing happen today. An accident on Eko Bridge. The car right in front of mine somersaulted to the other side of the bridge and right into two cars in full motion

One of the victims came out of the car himself while the other two were trapped in their cars. Thankfully, some men helped bring them out.

Two had injuries to their heads. One of the men literally had his head split open and was bleeding out profusely I called D rapid response number, 112. Unfortunately, they weren’t as rapid as I’d expected & I couldn’t stop the from victims bleeding out. So I got the Policemen to carry two of the victims in their car and follow me as I carried one in mine. I took them to LUTH, where I school.

The accident and emergency unit at LUTH attended to the victims and they are still presently receiving treatment. I was able to get their Drivers license to get some information like blood group and genotype. I was able to reach the family members of two of the victims via Phone calls but couldn’t reach the company number on the last victim’s ID card so we googled the MD of the company and got through to him.

While all of this was happening, I had no idea that the police officers had left me at the hospital with these 3 men I didn’t know. Another thing that fascinated me was when the officer complained about the “blood stain” on his car seat.

My fellow Nigerians who also got out of their cars at the scene on Eko Bridge only did so to take pictures and make videos.

Some people also got away with the victim’s phones, wallets, and money but thankfully left behind their cards & licenses from the crashed cars.

At the end of the day, all 3 men are in the hospital, stable and receiving treatment. All thanks to God

We NEED to do better and be better for each other in his country. Be your brother’s keeper. Stealing from accident victims that are dying. The policemen that left me there with these men I was only trying to help. What if they had died?? *sigh

I’m very disappointed, tired and highly irritated by our behavior as a whole in this country but I’m more grateful to God for everything.

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