Ronke Lawal Tells Why Your Friends Are Not Your Customers


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When we start a business or launch a product, we expect our friends and families to be our first point of call, we expect them to spend all their money on all our products and that’s great.

When they don’t, we feel they are not supportive which may bring in some conflict.

PR and Marketing expert, Ronke Lawal says that friendship and business rarely mix well.

According to her, it is important to understand that your friends love you and a few may patronize you, however, it is unfair to think that all of them will.

In this vlog, Ronke tells why friendship and business should be separate.

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Over the years I’ve met quite a few disgruntled business owners who have felt disappointed about the fact that their friends have not been their customers or clients.

Quite often this disappointment is just a distraction from focusing on attracting customers and clients from other areas. Of course we all want supportive friends and of course, it is wonderful when your friends do buy from you but you shouldn’t expect it or demand it to the detriment of your friendship/relationship.

Friends don’t always understand your business journey.

Your friends are into you but they might not be into your products or services

Friends don’t have to be your customers

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