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Woman Shares How Her Daughter Had Night Terror Due To A Medication Prescribed By A Pharmacist


A twitter user, Buki O. is warning people to find out more about the drugs they buy, no matter where they get it from and who prescribed it.

In a series of tweets, Buki explained how she got some drugs for her daughter who had a sore throat from a “reputable pharmacy,” only for the child to be attacked with night terrors.

According to her, it was when she contacted a friend who is also a medical practitioner that she was told that the drug prescribed had been banned in the UK.

Buki’s friend later told her that the ban had been lifted but the ingredients of the drug were too strong for a kid.


I was going to do a blog post about this beht ayam really knackered and I feel the need to get this out ASAP, so here goes a thread.

Last week, my daughter had a sore throat so I asked Le Hubbs to help get her some drugs from a “reputable pharmacy”, and he did.

He came back with a pack of PRESCRIBED “Strepsils for children six+”. I gave her three doses over two days, no biggie.

Well, my aunt comes to me and says “omo e yii n se woronworon la le o”. Meaning, “your daughter has been acting strange at night”! Ah!!

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I asked what she meant by that and she said my daughter was restless throughout the night and kept flailing about while grinding her teeth!

Before she would tell me it was prolly a spiritual attack, I reminded her that the poor lass had been battling a cold cos of the weather.

I told her I would keep an eye on her so that night, Le Hubbs let her sleep in our bed. He’d never allow that but he did and was I glad!

Less than 2 hours after she slept off, this pikin of mine began a drama like I’d never seen in my entire life.

She would cry out in her sleep, kept grinding her teeth and flailing about the bed, kicking and slapping about. Blood of Jesus! Warrisalldis

I tried waking her up but she didn’t even open her eyes. I tried cuddling her and soothing her but for where? She simply dinor gree

Immediately, I knew something was up & it wasn’t going to be pretty. Now lemme just say, before you blame witches for errythain check ya sef

She had also been rubbing her nose with the back of her hand nonstop. Next thing I heard was a weird squishy sound. I checked and…

Her face was covered in blood from her nostril. Egbami ke!!!! The dad and I jumped up, turned on all the lights, grabbed a tissue, etc.

This geh still dinor wake up! She would cry out but her eyes remained shut. After cleaning her up & arresting her roving palm, I cuddled her

I then contacted my good old most efficient GP and besto in the U.K. Immediately I told her the symptoms, she replied “Night Terror”!

You say? Then she began to send me details of what Night Terror was about! It was Bang On!! I googled it myself a bit but couldn’t take it!

She asked if my child was on medication and I said she’s just in Strepsils. She replied saying it wasn’t for kids, I said this one was.

It was clearly written on it that it was STREPSILS FOR CHILDREN AGED
6+!!! My daughter is 6+!!! Egbami ke

Next thing I read was “oh dear, this drug has been BANNED IN THE UK BECAUSE SOME OF ITS INGREDIENTS CAUSES NIGHT TERRORS! Well FML!

I had unknowingly poisoned my kid based on a prescription from a professional in Nigeria who didn’t do their research!

I felt betrayed by the Nigerian system which didn’t know to ban the same drug here, by the pharmacist who didn’t know any better and by myself!

What was even more chilling was being told that Strepsils contain Alcohol, antibiotics, and antiseptics!!!! They aren’t ordinary strepsils.

We got lucky the side effects weren’t worse. I cannot imagine what it feels like to lose a child. She’s much better now, thank God.

This is just to WARN all of you out there to shine your eyes VERY well. Ask Ask Ask questions and use Google for everything.

Always get a second and third opinion before you commit yourself to anything medically. Our systems are set up to screw up and screw us!

So my GP has come back to say the drug was banned but is now back on the shelves off the banned list BUT that she won’t be giving her kids

The thing is my daughter never had an episode BEFORE using strepsils and neither has she had any AFTER we stopped it. I don talk my own o.

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