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Pastor Gang-raped and Stabbed In the Womb on Her Wedding Day Shares Her Amazing Story of Restoration and Turnaround




She was raped on the morning of her wedding day, stabbed in the womb by one of the rapists, although, she did her wedding again, she lost her husband one month after, but she did not give up her hope in God.

Terry Gobanga is a young pastor at Nairobi, who is a rape survivor. She shares her inspiring story with BBC.

All was set for her wedding but her husband-to-be, Harry, forgot some of his clothes with her, so, Terry decided to get it across to him through a friend that had stayed the night with her.

She saw the friend off to the park in the dawn of her wedding, but when she was going back to her house, she was attacked by three guys, who abducted and took turns to rape her.

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She bit one of the rapist’s manhood while fighting back and she was stabbed in the stomach.

Luckily, she was seen by a little girl who was walking along the road where she had been thrown out by her rapists, so, she raised an alarm.

Thinking she was dead, she was wrapped in a cloth and was being taken to the mortuary when she coughed out. They turned around and took her to the hospital, where she was stitched.

The bad news, however, was that her womb was affected and she would not be able to have children again.

A nurse who noticed she might be a bride decided to call different churches to know if they missed a bride. The nurse got a yes from the first church she called, which was Terry’s church and her family was called to see her.

Her family, her husband-to-be and the press, who got wind of the story, came to the hospital to know what happened.

She was also checked for any possible cases of HIV/Aids but she was negative. In the midst of all these, her husband-to-be, Harry still insisted he wanted to marry her.

With an offer from another rape survivor to sponsor their wedding, Terry had the opportunity to have an elaborate wedding.

So, in July 2005, seven months after their first planned wedding, Terry and Harry got married and went on a honeymoon.

Sadly, one month after her wedding, Harry died from suffocation due to carbon monoxide in their home. She survived it.

Terry suffered criticism and great stigmatization as people thought she was cursed. She was secluded but one guy kept visiting her.

Tony Gobanga kept coming to check on Terry, encouraging her to talk about her late husband and think about the good times.

When Tony didn’t show up for three days, she knew she had fallen in love with him.

When Tony came back, he proposed marriage to her but Terry wanted him to know her story. So, she asked him to buy a magazine and read about her.

She also told him that she would not be able to have a child and he agreed, professing his love towards her.

When her in-laws knew about her, they forbade their son marrying her but Tony did not budge.

They planned their wedding and on her wedding day, her father-in-law did not show up, however, they had over 800 people attend their wedding, more out of curiosity.

A year after her wedding, she got pregnant!

Terry had a baby girl and four years later, she had another baby girl.

Today, she’s best friends with her father-in-law. She wrote a book, titled, Crawling out of Darkness. There, she detailed her story, which aims to give hope to people.

She also started a foundation called, Kara Olmurani.There, they work with rape survivors and offer counseling and support.

Terry has forgiven her attackers, although it wasn’t easy, she realized she was being upset with people who probably don’t care. Her faith also encourages her to forgive and not repay evil with evil but with good.

Terry wants you to know this,

“The most important thing is to mourn. Go through every step of it. Get upset until you are willing to do something about your situation. You have to keep moving, crawl if you have to. But move towards your destiny because it’s waiting, and you have to go and get it.”


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