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10 Naija Women Tell Us What They Think About The Hair Net Brouhaha


Media personality, Toke Makinwa, in her recent vlog, said it is torture for any man to see a woman walk around with a hairnet. How is a woman then supposed to protect her hair over the night? We decided to ask some naija women what they think about the hair net.

9 Naija women had this to say.


My boyfriend doesn’t like it but a woman has to use it sometimes, because it protects the hair.


I used to wear hairnets until it started making me uncomfortable. That’s why I stopped it. But the  fact that she doesn’t wear it doesn’t mean she should advice every female to burn it. It’s high time we ladies start living for ourselves and not for a man or to impress a man. Just be you!


Well, if you want to keep your edges, you better cover your hair before you sleep. The guy that’s telling you your hair net is ugly is the same guy that would leave you because your edges are off. Why do you have to be sexy all the time?


There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing hair net. Covering your hair at night makes you and your partner comfortable and free. What you can say about hairnet is keeping it clean which is very necessary.


I’m always comfortable with a hair net. I don’t see any torture there. She might have her reasons but I can’t do without it. It annoys me if my natural hair touches me.


It keeps heat away and enables you to sleep well. So, where is the torture coming from? The two things I can’t wait to do once I get home is remove my bra and wear my hair net.


I feel like we ladies put all this pressure on ourselves, if you are with a man and you aren’t comfortable enough to show him your con rows, then, you are with the wrong guy, its like your man not seeing your bare face! life isn’t that serious!!! The rest are personal hygiene.


I’m indifferent about it. I don’t like wearing hairnet to bed because of the mark it forms around my head and the fact that it hurts my head. At the same time, I don’t like to wake up with hair all over my face and my neck. It irritates me. so, I just hold my hair up with rubber band.


There is nothing wrong with hairnet because I find it very comfortable when I put it on to bed. In as much as it is dry, neat and not smelling, you can use it.





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