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10 Nigerian Women Share Their Thoughts On JAMB’s New Cut-Off Mark For Tertiary Institutions


For admission into tertiary institutions, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has announced the cut-off marks as 120 for universities and 100 for polythecnics and monothecnics.

We decided to ask Nigerian women their thoughts on the new cut-off mark and they had this to say.


Do you have to reduce your standard because people are not ready to work hard? This is a disaster. The education sector has fallen and should be checked! We seriously need to declare a state of emergency in this area.


The education sector is becoming a joke. They are just playing with the system. Give it a while and JAMB will lose its relevance. 120 cut-off is as good as not writing JAMB


It’s ridiculous…it’s too low. As much as it will make room for more students to get admission, the schools will not have enough facilities for the students admitted. The standards of education will drop, which will give room for more discrepancies because it won’t be on the basis of merit. That standard is too low. At 120/100, it means you don’t have to read. What they should do is upgrade the existing institutions.


It doesn’t make sense. If it was 180 last year, why should it be reduced to 120/100 this year? Are they confirming people’s thoughts that the standard of education in Nigeria is going down? Education in Nigeria is not about your locality. I pity children who will relax because it will make them lose foreign opportunities. Will this education system nurture our economy like it is abroad?


It’s horrible, it’s the greatest mistake JAMB has ever made because when I did JAMB, I scored 217 and I couldn’t gain admission into Unilag or any  good school. I had to take JAMB again and I had 250 so that I could study mass-communication. That made JAMB competitive and it made students prepare extra hard to meet up with cut-off mark and that is why the standard of education has fallen and this is like the final nail on the coffin.


Who complained in the first place about the cut-off mark? It is going to increase the rate of illiteracy and reduce the quality of education. Those are not the issues we should be facing now as a country.


We are in a computer age now and the children born at this time are more intelligent because they are exposed to technology at a young age. So, instead of reducing the cut-off mark, it should be increased. If some people cannot cope with the standard, they should be allowed to go to school that fits them. It is just unfair to the education system in Nigeria.


This is preparation for the final burial of education in Nigeria. This is the same thing as approving failure. After all the leaked papers and exam malpractice they still lower it. I hope they know what the end product will be


Have they finally made up their minds? It’s rather sad that education in Nigeria is a myth. It does not exist! Gone are the days when you come out proud to be a degree holder… Now, I see it as a walk in the park.


Just imagine! And they will call them leaders of tomorrow. In my days, cut-off was 200. Nigeria’s education is in shambles of backwardness. Some youths will still defend 120 as JAMB cut-off mark for universities.




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