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7 Naija Women Tell Us What Virginity Means To Them


After Nollywood actress, Juliana Olayode popularly called Toyo baby, confessed to lying about being a virgin, it became of subject of discussion with many saying what is the big deal if she is a virgin or not.

So, we asked some naija women what virginity means to them. Below are the thoughts of 7 naija women on what virginity means to them.

For me, keeping your virginity till marriage is a personal choice. Having sexual intercourse before marriage is also a personal choice. People shouldn’t feel pressured to keep their virginity and i don’t think people need to lie about it, because many guys even prefer a non-virgin to a virgin because they see disvirgining a girl as stress.

It’s totally wrong to lie about being a virgin, but since we are in the age where everything seems right with social media putting pressure on what is wrong, people give in to everything.

The fact that you are a virgin does not guarantee you as a good wife. It just simply means you were decent and principled enough to keep your legs closed. It is a choice. Meanwhile, placing a high premium on virginity is a wrong practice and it should be done away with.

Considering the societal pressure from social media and peer pressure, virginity is an achievement and you will be proud of yoursef if you remain a virgin till marriage. As a true African mother, you can as well confidently tell your children that you remained a virgin till you got married and you expect them to do the same.

It depends on your heart. God sees the heart. Some virgins are worse than non virgins. That doesn’t say you shouldn’t be a virgin. You have to keep your body pure until marriage.

Culturally or religiously, it is immoral to have sex before marriage. Just because having sex is the trending thing among young people now, does not make it right. Keeping one’s virginity till marriage is a gold achievement, although, it doesn’t mean a partner will be faithful or has good character but it increases trust between partners.

For me, virginity is not just about closing your legs or zipper but your body and mind. Being a virgin doesn’t make one immoral, but at the same time, keeping your virginity shows that you value your pride as a woman and have self respect for yourself.

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