Betty Irabor’s Note On Staying Strong In Spite Of What Life Serves You Is Giving Us Life This Morning!



Media entrepreneur, Betty Irabor has a word for people who are going through hard times and are finding it difficult to carry on with life.

In an Instagram post, she shared the story of a woman called Grace, who used to be a care giver in a nursing home but also ended up in the same place as a house mate because of the death of her only child.

Using an apple as an example, Betty explained that no matter what life brings to us, we should not allow it make us miserable.

She said,

In the late 80s beautiful and vibrant young Grace worked part time in a nursing home in England.. She described her job as heart breaking because she saw first hand how humans wasted away.. “It’s as if they snapped” she said .it was Sheer dementia..

Men and women who could no longer recognize their spouses or families .She talked about a man who would dress up in corporate suit with briefcase in hand to pitch biz ideas to an imaginary audience. He was trapped in a world that existed in his own mind. She fed, bathed them and gave them their meds as part of her job as a care giver..

she described most of the people in that home as poor lost souls… Then many years later I heard Grace was back in the nursing home, no longer a care giver but a house mate.!! She allowed life happen to her.. Driven to a place of no return!!

What has this got to do with the rotten apple? I bought this succulent looking red Apple (left) yesterday and happily sat down to enjoy it .. But what did I get? A rotten apple (right.)I was angry and threw it away and picked another which turned out very juicy!

Life can be like that apple, totally unpredictable , full of disappointments, let downs , rottenness, dashed hopes and broken dreams.. U get what u didn’t bargain for, u get a wrong package ! But what do you do ?? Let that bad apple ruin your mood and throw you into a state of melancholy and lamentation? No way!

As long as we live, there will be trials and tribulations and days of near meltdowns but we should realise that no one can save us but we ourselves , we may not be able to change our destinations but we can change the direction ..if only Grace realised that and didn’t totally give in and give up when life wounded her by taking her only child .

You never know what life is going to serve u but don’t allow it to break you totally. We must like a tennis ball bounce back after every hard knock. The sun always comes out eventually …..be strong . Sometimes you just have to find the courage to carry on… We must power up no matter what life throws at us!!!!



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