“If I Don’t Have A Tough Skin, I’d Probably Hide In My Shell And Never Go Out” – Taje Prest Shares Her Experiences As A Plus Size Woman



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It is quite difficult for some plus size women to love themselves because the society keeps reminding them of the need to lose weight and be fit.

However, for Taje Prest, a media personality and a fashion designer, who is also a plus size woman, she is proud of her stature irrespective of what people think of her.

In an interview with Christy Anyanwu of The Sun, Taje talks about her embarrassing moments as a plus size woman while encouraging other plus size women to be confident in their body.

Her embarrassing moments because of her size

Definitely and you know what’s funny? People have never been able to insult me in person.

They insult me online; social media gives people the freedom to kind of express their anger. I feel if someone hates you so much for no reason; they can’t believe that you as a plus size person are confident and you love yourself. They are skinny and they don’t love themselves half as much as you love yourself.

They are using their anger in trying to push-kit on you. Yes, I have been embarrassed. People call me all kinds of things. I remember at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award two years ago, I wore like a bandage dress and I heard all kinds of comments. How dare she wear this? Who does she think she is, as big as she is, look at the moulds behind her? And luckily for me, my mother had been an advocate of loving yourself no matter the situation. Even if you have scars on your face, love yourself and love the scars.

I never wanted the insults to get to me; I just laughed and moved on with my life. Since I moved back to Nigeria, I have experienced some ugly situations and if I don’t have a tough skin, I’d probably hide in my shell and never go out. Also, there was a day I stopped to use an ATM in Lekki Phase 1 and some uneducated individual also waiting to use the ATM said, “You should do some sports, maybe running or something”. I say uneducated because an educated man wouldn’t be so rude.

His friend in his car told him off. I laughed and told him off with a two-part sentence and walked back to my car. I smiled because his friend told him off so I didn’t have to say much.

Her advice for plus size women

It’s very important for you to be confident. Stop sitting down in front of the mirror worrying  “I have flab here”, “my hands are too big” and “my colour is not coming out enough”.

Just ask yourself if you have a roof over your head? Are you happy? It’s very important to be happy no matter what anyone tells you. Be happy within yourself, be happy being alone by yourself before adding another person into your life. But sometimes, when I’m not feeling great, I smile.

If I’m feeling sad, I force myself to smile and before you know it, you just find yourself feeling great. That way, little by little, your confidence will grow. You are not the only big girl. There are plenty big girls out there in the world and they love themselves. If they can love themselves, why must you be different?

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