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People Are Divided Over How This New Bride Dealt With Her Cheating Husband


A twitter user, @_Adaolysa shared the story of her male friend who cheated on his wife, and people are divided over how the wife punished him. Some say she should have just walked away and spared everyone the heartache, while some believe the man deserved exactly what he got.


Read the story below

So this is the full story, he is my friend. Fine boy, you know complete guy that you will want to grab once he mistakenly says hello, lol

He was a play boy honestly I was worried like who would marry you. Then he meets this plain Jane, very normal babe compared to the others

Workaholic very independent girl, her Christian life is what I do not know about sha. Suddenly bro fell in love with her, be like jazz

He didn’t stop hanging around other women but it was clear who sat on the throne. I warned him sha to quit this life and face this babe

The girl is a very quiet babe like you rarely know when she is angry, her calmness even fear me. 7 months into the relationship

He proposed to her she said yes but there wasn’t excitement in her, I was confused because the setting of the proposal would make you scream

Even me wey be ordinary friend had tears in my eyes, setting was perfect but aunty was just so calm and nonchalant. She refused taking pics

That was a huge red flag for me but pls I will mind my business. She didnt even tell her friends they found out through gist, sigh

Ffw they did trad very beautiful ceremony but i could still see it that the babe was acting. When a woman is getting married to someone she

Loves haba you will know now. 2 weeks after they did church wedding and that was the beginning of a nightmare. Wedding night she said she was tired, it’s very understandable. Sunday after thanksgiving nko one story to another to another.

Like joke 3 months into the marriage And they haven’t had sex as husband and wife. They were having the sex before marriage o, the guy is so confused like what changed

The thing no gree uncle again went to tell her people and they pleaded that he calms down that marriage could be overwhelming. Hian on sex

She cooks and takes very good care of the home its just the bedroom part wahala dey. The matter started from family to church matter

After so much shouting from her parents and plenty plenty talk then she lays it bare. She can’t stand him touching her

Early stages of the relationship baba was too in love and gave her spare key to his flat, so one unfortunate day when one of his babes was around. She wanted to go see bae only to enter saw bottles of finished alcohol entered bedroom and they were knacking. She quietly left

Came back that same day and knacked him. Bro was living the life or so he thought. This catching him happened 3 times. Twice in the house Once at the bar, he never knew she could visit such a place and he was playing love with someone else. Aunty became paranoid

Trust women now, started checking his phones munching chats, doing videos of his phone showing chats and pictures. More like evidence

Omo infront of her parents,his parents and some church people, she brought out evidence. It was very very embarassing tbvh. Baba froze

For the 1st time he saw her cry lol which is very weird.And she said she can’t get those images out of her head.that all she sees is a cheat

Wondering who or where he must have been,her skin crawls when he tries to touch her. Now the question her mother asked was why did you marry him if you knew you can’t forgive and forget. Why did you allow a grand wedding so much money spent etc. She said she thought she could forgive and let go when they got married but the hate increased. She started apologizing but that she wants a divorce. Ahhhh are you mad???

Baba on the other hand is like why didnt you confront me, why didnt you point stuff out. He started apologizing o kuku knelt down but aunty said she needs space to think. So they are currently separated and he is a wreck. Emotional issues turned fine boy into old looking man

Too much thinking and his job is very demanding too. I wanted to say i warned you o then i just calmed down. He doesn’t deserve to be in this mess. Its too much to carry. I’m not supporting him for his actions but I’m exceptionally mad at his wife for all this rubbish

She could have just ghosted on him while in the relationship yes it would hurt but not this much. She is very wicked IMO.

This is a lesson to humans. Check out for so many important things in someone before marriage, don’t be too carried away by feelings.

Unforgiveness is horrible and can push people to do alot of evil stuff. I’m just imagining if she poisoned him nko out of bitterness?

That babe is wicked and I feel sorry for whoever would end up with her again if the divorce pulls through

I’m only saying she is wicked. Things shouldn’t have gone this far. Its that simple.

The babe is wicked I repeat. They were in a relationship she could have walked away from. Why marry him and put everyone through this?

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  1. Theresa Maume Honore

    Theresa Maume Honore

    August 15, 2017 at 5:42 pm

    This one weak me oo!!

  2. Blessing Ochaya Abgaja

    Blessing Ochaya Abgaja

    August 15, 2017 at 5:54 pm

    stupid what is here whales son’s doing in a hotel in the first place,and she forgotten that girl is someone’s child abbi

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