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Women Want Equality But Do They Treat Their Fellow Woman Equally? – Woman Shares Her Unpleasant Experiences With Other Women



Do women face more oppresion from other women than they do from men? This twitter user, has had many unpleasant experiences to make her believe so.

According to her, where women are supposed to be supportive, they tend to be judgmental because they feel threatened that the other woman is better than them.

She tweeted,

Women want equality but do they treat their fellow woman equally? Women want to be loved but do they love their fellow woman? Thread!

I have been in tight situations because of women, if they are not assuming one thing about me, they are gossiping, lying and spreading hate.

Or conniving… But Vengeance is mine says the Lord… He fights all our battles..

I remember having a sexual related issue wit one lecturers in a Nigerian university,I refused his sexual advances and that became a problem

My HOD was a woman, I remember going to her office to talk to her about my challenges with this man.

Getting to her office, this man was in there with her, we made eye contact when he came out he gave me that devilish look.

Immediately I entered the office, she screamed at me, useless girl get out of my office. Get out get out I said get out.

She then started using Igbo to insult me, I came out, closed the door and just sat there crying.

This was a woman that was supposed to fight for me, but no she didn’t.

I am light skinned, and it’s actually difficult being fair and beautiful. I cannot move around in an event bcus other women would say

Oh see that girl, she is moving round looking for a man. It’s always women assuming that bcus I want to network it means I want a man.

Is it the Police women who would tag her fellow woman prostitute because of just a little cleavage that she exposed?

I love Golf, and when I wanted to start playing Golf, a woman told me that it would look like I am going to Golf course to look for man.

I turned down the opportunity, I got someone who wanted to teach me for free, but bcus I didn’t want to look like I am looking for man

I still want to learn, but if today I go to IBB Golf course, there would be gossips, assumption too that I am looking for man.

Even common twitter, if I tweet my opinion….. you see ladies tag me pick me, Sally is looking for man. It’s such a shame that everything

Revolves around men, a woman cannot breath without her fellow woman saying she is looking for a man. Would this ever stop?

I had serious challenges lately why? Because of jealousy. My fellow woman is jealous of me…. me that don’t have anything!

I have had no reason to be jealous of any woman.

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  1. Lori Johnson

    Lori Johnson

    August 13, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    No because we would rather tear each other down and let jealousy and hate ruin us as women

  2. Meriji Paul

    Meriji Paul

    August 13, 2017 at 8:31 pm


  3. Gloria Jacob

    Gloria Jacob

    August 13, 2017 at 10:46 pm

    Do men treat diA follow men equally?

  4. Jane T Nwodo

    Jane T Nwodo

    August 14, 2017 at 3:35 pm


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