11 Year-Old Tabitha Eniola’s Rendition Of ‘Onise-Iyanu’ Will Sweep You Off Your Feet!


11-year old girl, Tabitha Eniola, is an amazing singer!

On her Instagram page she posted a video herself singing, ‘Onise-Iyanu’ by gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey and people could not help but tag him.

Responding to the tags, Nathaniel said he is both ‘shocked and blessed’ at how good she sings.

However, he explained that she is to be nurtured, mentored and groomed to ensure the longevity of her gift.

Nathaniel wrote,

I have watched again and again The video of this little and beautiful angel singing ONISE IYANU. I have been blessed and shocked at the same time. Seeing such vocal ability coming from an 11 year old. I had to go on her page to pray for her.

I have also gotten messages and tags from a lot of you asking to do something with her and all. And I can understand your excitement. But you see, I also know that a music gift can be so powerful, and depending on how it is used, may make or mar a person.

I’m more concerned about her future. You don’t rush to do things with such a little girl. A precious gift like this, after discovery is to be nurtured, mentored and trained. Having a musical Skill and gift does not automatically mean she has to get on platforms immediately.

Also, She needs to be encouraged to be done with her education. Having had this experience my self, i know how a music passion can be so strong that it stops you from doing other things. I had to gather so much courage and strength to complete my education which has been a plus to me.

However, it doesn’t also and always mean all need to go through the same route. I just always encourage musicians to get some form of education, even if it means musical education.

I’m also afraid she’s not put under so much pressure on social media. Remember Jesus at 12. That was the WORD. And could have begun ministering then. But Sat with doctors and teachers of the Law listening until his time of showing came. I’m so big on preparation. At least I can testify to that now in my life. It’s a time to grow in WISDOM, STATURE &FAVOUR with God and Man. They ensure posterity and longevity of the gift and talent.

Seeing all the tags about her, only made me think how best to be of help. And I’m thinking of the best way I can do so. as I’m led by the Spirit of God, I’ll do.
First thing would be to speak to her guardians to know more about her and the plans for her.

I love to respond in the Spirit, knowing we get the BEST results when we do so.
Thank you all for tagging me on this. I join faith with everyone of you who love her to declare that she shall ONLY fulfill God’s perfect will for Her life in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

Listen to her sing below



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  1. Faustina Festus

    Faustina Festus

    September 11, 2017 at 7:36 am

    U killed that song…keep up sweet

  2. Peace Momeh Baba

    Peace Momeh Baba'ada

    September 11, 2017 at 8:37 am


  3. Sarafina Afinavie

    Sarafina Afinavie

    September 12, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    She is nothing short of an angel, i melted when i heard her sing

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