25-Year Old Woman Sues Her Mother For Being Black And Uneducated


The video of a woman who took her mother to court for being black  surfaced online and it is really heartbreaking.

Sandra Johnson, a 25-year old black American is suing her biological mother, Alma Johnson because her black African skin colour embarrasses her.

Alma Johnson worked almost all her life as a cleaner for white people and her daughter, Sandra, had the privilege to have white friends.

Now, she is living the life of a white woman as she is educated and has a wealthy white boyfriend.

According to her, after telling her mother to stay away from her and would only reach out to her when she wants to, she says her mother had the audacity to come to her place of work, making her lose $600 and the ‘white’ life she’s been trying to build for herself.

“Growing up with a mother like her is not easy. Look at her, we don’t look anything alike because she has that dark skin and I have a white skin. Growing up, I realised people with a black skin has it a little bit harder and I worked really hard just to keep my life as easy as possible.”



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