How Bolanle Olukanni Changed Her Life When Anxiety Made Her Feel Stuck




Do you often times find yourself worrying excessively about some things in your life? Are you regularly questioning and panicking about everything?

If so, you are not alone.

Media personality, Bolanle Olukanni worried so much about the tiniest thing that she had to stop making decisions at a point. Until she decided to work on her fears and worries was she able to achieve the things she was scared about.

She said,

I struggled really really badly with Anxiety last year . I was terribly afraid of being a failure, so I second guessed every decision I made to the point where I just stopped making decisions and let alot of life happen to me.

The honest truth is I realised that my dreams would not happen if i sat on my hands. It would take daily hard work. One action at a time.

Anxiety is a paralyzing emotion.It grips you & takes hold of your mind and will to do anything.It makes you 2nd guess ur whole sense of life

But I had to get myself back on track. I prayed. I planned. I Hoped. And with time the confidence to conquer my fears got stronger

I began to work with a life coach @lillianadegbola We talked about conquering my fears and putting in the work to make LIFE happen. Everyday I would tell myself to do it, even if I was afraid.

In December, I was in a deeply reflective mood trying to decipher how to not carry the Anxiety into 2017. And how I would make sure 2017 is a year of many firsts for me.

I meditated on Gods love for me. I envisioned myself having a year of joy. A year of peace, a year of hard work . It truly has been a blessed year. We still have alot of days in the year though- 120 days to be precise. Let make some of those firsts that we envisioned at the start of the year happen.

#YEAROFFIRSTS #2017#lastquarter

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