31-Year Old Woman Who Was Threatned And Raped By DPO While In Police Custody Cries For Justice



Stand to End Rape, an NGO advocating for rape survivors is demanding an explanation for a former DPO of Onikan Police Division, Adekunle Awe, who blackmailed and raped a 31-year old woman in his custody.

The woman, Idowu, was detained as a suspect for a case of theft in her place of work.  According to Idowu, while in custody, the DPO threatened and raped her.

When the news of the DPO’s misbehaviour broke out, a panel was said to be set up to look into the case, sadly, the DPO was reportedly transferred and promoted.


In April 2014, former DPO of Onikan Police Division, Adekunle Awe blackmailed & raped 31 y/o female detainee in his custody.#STERSilentTears

Idowu (not real name) was a salesgirl and a suspect in custody along with 3 others in a theft case at her work place. #STERSilentTears

When news of this broke on social media, a “panel” was reportedly set up by the Police IG to look into the rape allegation. #STERSilentTears

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As at March 2015, reports claimed Awe was transferred & promoted, yet no one knows the panel’s outcome or if it even held.#STERSilentTears

Should @PoliceNG officers coerce, blackmail & request for sex from victims in custody? Is the Police really your friend? #STERSilentTears


When I got there, he started touching my dress, he said he will send me to jail and I won’t come back again. He started threatening me that I’m the reason that six people are in a cell. He said if I don’t agree to what he wants me to do, he will send me to jail and he will create crimes I did not commit.

I don’t live here…I grew up in the Benin Republic. I have never been in any police case before. it was strange to me and I was afraid. After he talked to me and threatened me. There was a room inside his office, he took me there and had his way with me.

When I got there, he was on the phone with someone, possibly his boss in Abuja, who was surprised by what he saw on social media. He took a bible and asked me to swear, I did. He now asked me to explain how everything happened.


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