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This Nursing Mother Stood By The Road For Three Hours With A Placard To Get Her Husband A Job. This Is Why She Did It


Sometimes when everything else has failed you you have to go with your gut, even when people don’t understand why you have to. This is the story of a housewife and mother of one, Omolara Adeniran.

With the approval of her husband, Omolara Adeniran, stood by the road for three hours trying to get the attention of passers-by wo may be able to get her husband a job.

Many people have asked, “why is she not looking for a job for herself?”, “why can’t the husband stand by the road too?” In a chat with GBENGA ADENIJI of Punch   Omolara answers all the questions.

She said,

I was led to do it and I followed the spirit of God. Left to me as a person, I wouldn’t have done that. But I was spiritually intoxicated and that gave me the boldness to do it.

God said that was the only way we would come out of the hardship we are facing and the slavery work my husband is doing. The word I got was, “There is always a sacrifice for every promotion.’’ I was asked to make the sacrifice so my husband could be promoted and elevated.

For about 12 years, my husband has been working in one of the popular commercial banks in the country as an information technology engineer. They keep promising to promote him without any hope of doing that.

He has also been receiving the same salary of N70, 000 since he joined the bank till now without a review. He was single when he joined the company but he is now married and his responsibilities have increased. I am really troubled, especially knowing the kind of man he is and the kind of job he does.

I had to take the case to God in prayer. Before I went to the streets to carry a placard to solicit a job for him, I received a message from God that I should advertise him for our situation to change. I was confused the first time I heard the message. But after calming down, I heard God’s voice clearly that it was what I had to do.

I didn’t do it of my own volition. It was not easy for me to do it. I had to ask God for boldness. I asked Him to give me David’s boldness to be able to do it. He stood by me and I was not shy. I felt delighted that I could do that and sacrificed for my husband.

That was the reason why I went public to ask for a better job for my husband. I fully realised when God spoke to me that there is a better job out there for my husband, for his destiny to change.

I felt good and awesome because it was not my initiative. I felt good being an instruction that was divinely ordained and which I had to make for my husband and my family. It was not as if I did it for my husband only, I also did it for myself. We became one the moment we took the marital vow together.

Many people wrongly abused me on the Internet that I didn’t get a job for myself but wanted to get one for my husband. My husband is the head of the family. The kind of person my husband is, even if he gets a well-paid job, the money is for us. I know the kind of man he is. People gave me attention that day and also appreciated me.



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