They Told Her She Will Have Free Education In The UK But They Turned Her Into A House Girl For Ten Years! How Iyabo Prosper Got Her Freedom Back


A young lady, Iyabo Prosper, who was tricked to the UK with the belief that she would get a free education, was treated so badly by her boss that her children called her, ‘our slave.’

Dailymail reported that Iyabo travelled to London, in 2003, when she was 13 after her boss, Afolake Adeniji, promised her a better life.

Sadly, she was compelled to wake up at 5:30 am everyday and care for Adeniji’s children while she also cleaned the house and was banned from speaking with anyone.

Iyabo also could only eat dinner when she had fed Adeniji and her children while they told her, “Why aren’t you doing this, aren’t you our slave?”

As a result, Iyabo became so depressed that she suffered post-traumatic stress disorder.

In October 2014, Iyabo flouted Adeniji’s rules by speaking with someone about what she was going through.  She, later, reported Adeniji to the police but she denied all the accusations against her.

Adeniji is being tried for exploiting Iyabo and inflicting serious bodily harm, which caused her anxiety disorder.

According to the jury,

This case concerns the trafficking of a teenage girl into this country from Nigeria in order for her to be exploited. She was forced to clean, mind the defendant’s children and effectively live the life of a house girl. Iyabo carried out these menial tasks for up to 16 hours a day.

Household chores would occupy the rest of her day until she had to pick them up, prepare dinner for the family and tidy up before getting to bed at around 10.30pm.

She was effectively treated like a servant, she led a life of domestic servitude and as a result of these actions by the defendant Iyabo suffered post-traumatic stress disorder.

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