Woman Wants Church To Return The Profit From Her Business That She Sowed As First Fruit


A Nigerian, Europe-based woman, is calling out Pastor Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, to return the money her younger sister paid as first fruit to the church.

First fruit can be one’s first salary or the first profit made from one’s business in that year.

In a video online, she explained that she helped her sister start a business including renting a shop but she kept on calling her and asking for more help.

Meanwhile, her sister had told her before that she paid her first fruit to the church from the first profit she made.

According to this woman, now that her sister needs financial help, she demands that the church should help her or return the money her sister paid to the church.

She said,

My junior sister was about to start a business a couple of months ago and she asked me for financial assistance. I was able to give her some little financial assistance and then, she started the business. Everything was moving fine.

She was about to rent an apartment and she asked me again for financial assistance, I did. And there was a time she told me that when she first started the business, she was told in her church that her first profit of the month has to go to the church and she did so.

Last month, she called me on the phone that she needed some financial assistance, I told her that presently, I can’t help her because I give financial assistance every month to our mother.

This month, today again, she called me and said, please sister, this is the last time I’m asking for financial assistance. I now told her, ‘you remember you told me your first profit you gave it to your church because your pastor wanted you to do that,’ she said, ‘yes.’

I said, now that you need some financial assistance, why not go to the pastor and ask him for money.

She now said, yes, its not the church I go every month, but its our General Overseer, pastor Adeboye.

I said what did he use the money to do and she said, he used it to pay church workers. So I told her that now that you need financial help, can you go to pastor Adeboye and ask him for financial assistance?

You cannot even go near him because he has body guards. You don’t even have his phone number. You can’t contact him personally. This is a man that has cars and private jets. He asked you to bring your first salary of the month, you gave it to him and now you’re in need of finacial assistance, you can’t even reach him.

This practice of Nigerian pastors collecting money from people all in the name of God has to stop.You can collect money from your church members but do you know when they need financial assistance, can you help them? Do they know how their members survive day-to-day?

My junior sister needs financial help, where is this pastor to help her? Anybody that knows pastor Adeboye, please send my message to him. This girl needs some financial assistance. If he can receive from her, he can also give to her. He should give her some financial assistance.

Anybody that is able to contact pastor Adeboye and they need my sister’s number, I will send, or the rich members of the church should help her.

Bring money to church but when these members need money, nobody to help them. Here in Europe, my husband and I work every month, we have to pay our house rent, electricity bills, telephone bills. If I gave my first salary to the church, how would I have been able to pay my bills?

The system in Nigeria is wrong, it has to stop. All these pastors, you have to stop collecting money from your church members all in the name of God. And when these members need help, there’s nobody to help them.

My sister needs financial help, I wil send her contact to all the rich members of the church. The church doesn’t have to collect. The church should also give out. The Catholic church here are working hand-in-hand with Red Cross, they are helping people. I don’t know what Nigerian churches and the pastors are doing?

Get in touch with me and I will give you my sister’s number. This rubbish has to stop.

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  1. Nguyilan Wakombo

    Nguyilan Wakombo

    September 9, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    Maybe it’s also time people started taking responsibility for their decisions and actions as a flip side…

  2. Ima Igwe

    Ima Igwe

    September 9, 2017 at 5:30 pm

    Sorry oh, I’M Not A Religious Fanatic, but did the pastor held a gun to her head and demands that she must give the first fruit?

  3. Deandre Coleman

    Deandre Coleman

    September 9, 2017 at 6:00 pm

    Ghats see for Gggrgdd see rgdgh Gggrgdd gxrxg hxddr xyhid info bcdvc hhujfbo

  4. Ishola Omolola Flourish

    Ishola Omolola Flourish

    September 9, 2017 at 9:32 pm

    Were you forced to pay? Please be responsible for your action and stop blaming people.

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