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13 Naija Mums Share Their Thoughts On Six Months Exclusive Breastfeeding


A report by WHO and UNICEF says no country in the world fully meets recommended standards for breastfeeding.

The report says breastfeeding is beneficial to both the mother and baby especially in the first six months but not all women have been able to exclusively breastfeed their child for one reason or the other.

So, we asked some naija women their thoughts on six months exclusive breastfeeding and they had this to say.


There are people who just can’t make enough to feed their baby and they have to supplement with formula. Just do the best you can. These kids do not come with a manual and each one is different. I did exclusive for 3 months because my breast I wasn’t  producing alot.


I understand that’s it’s not an easy process especially for mothers who have to go back to work. But this is a baby and breast is the healthiest and safest thing you’ll give that baby. Having a baby itself isn’t easy. I won’t judge a mother who didn’t breastfeed for that long though, people have different reasons for not following through with it.


Some kids are suffering from hunger because their parents wants to go exclusive when their body can’t. Listen to your body, try your best and be sure to feed right.


I have three sons. My first stopped sucking on his own by the third month; I did four months exclusive for my second son, by the fifth month, I added extra milk, but he still sucked till a year and three months. It really depends. What if the mother is not strong enough to do exclusive?


Exclusive breastfeeding is best. I’m thankful I’ve had fortune to do it, but at the end of the day it’s just not realistic for a lot of women who have to go back to work.


Every woman is different. Every woman doesn’t have the support she needs. Every woman can’t get a good latch. My mum didn’t do exclusive for myself because we were triplets. I didn’t do for my baby because I had to go back to work.


I did it for my 3 children. I had a baby-friendly work place for my first but had to fully stay at home for the others due to other constraints. It is less costly financially and emotionally and even medically because it is proven to boost immunity among other benefits. I think every mother should be free to make her own well-informed, value-based, guilt-free decisions.

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I exclusively breastfed for 4 months and when I started giving him pap, he stopped crying and I realized he was always hungry. Mums should do what makes them comfortable provided they are not starving their little ones.


I wasn’t lactating and my baby was starving. As a first time mom, I just assumed as long as there’s breast, there’s milk. She was dark, always weak and small, until my mom saw her at 3 months. Under 48 hours of feeding her formula, my baby was fair(like 4 skin tone fairer) her black lips cleared and she slept through the night. That really broke my heart. I didn’t waste time with my number two. I bought her formula even before she was even delivered.


I did 6 months exclusive and now my baby still finds it hard to eat anything else. She’s one year four months now and I still don’t sleep at night because I’m breastfeeding. I won’t do it for my next baby, I can’t kill myself please.


I did 6 months exclusive, it is hard and not convenient. I will not be doing it again. Was it worth it? Yes! My daughter didn’t have her first cold till she was almost one. I put it down to breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding is easier, cheaper and more hygienic for the baby, but a lot of babies suffer malnutrition when the mother doesn’t have sufficient breast milk but the parents insist on it. I am an example of one mother who doesn’t have enough breast milk so I have to augment. I would have loved to do exclusive but my babies just keep crying so I have to augment.


My son was exclusively on Enfamil for 3 months and Aptamil for the remaining 9 months. It was a lot of money, but you should see how healthy he is. I keep getting compliments all the time about how strong and healthy he is. He’s much bigger than babies his age and he’s so smart. Every woman should do what she feels comfortable with.


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