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A Sure-fire Lesson Business Owners Can Learn From Sunmbo Adeoye On Customer Service


No matter how skillful you are or how much following you have on social media, if you do not treat your customers with kindness and respect, your business will one day suffer for it.

In celebration of customer service, event planner and Pastor, Sunmbo Adeoye shared her experience with a wedding she planned and how it almost flopped but for how she handled it.

She wrote,

The essence of being in business is to add value. However, the ESSENCE of serving is not just to execute a mandatory job, but to make a lasting impression in your client’s heart.

I remember vividly an event that I was privileged to plan, style and coordinate this morning, while looking at the seamlessly perfect pictures and couldn’t help but recall all that happened behind the scene.

It was a one day wedding event and the couple had chosen to conduct the Traditional engagement, White wedding and reception all on the same day.
On the morning of the wedding, the groom’s father had an accident on his way to the venue.

Immediately I heard this, amidst the tongue talking approach I engaged as a believer, I immediately made plans for him to be taken to the nearest hospital while we concealed this information secretly from the couple. (Well, they eventually heard after he showed up a bit late for the traditional engagement, but he was better and the nose bleeding had stopped) Glory to God.

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As if that was not enough, the car to convey the groom to the church was also locked and we had to hurriedly make provision for a driver and a jeep within the hour. (Some James bond moves oo)

While it was time to change into the white wedding outfit, it was discovered that the best man’s outfit and that of the groom had been mishandled….. Omg!!! It’s his big day and he’ll be the cynosure of all eyes.

What do I do? It’s a Sunday morning, home is too far away and dry cleaners don’t open that early. There goes my thinking cap. I called up a relative of the bride who lived on the island and zoomed off to go iron the outfits myself.

Yes you heard that right. I wasn’t sure delegating that to just anyone would be a good idea, I immediately assumed responsibility and did it myself. Was I angry? No way. Neither was I irritated, nor disgruntled, and not with any reason other than that for my clients satisfaction.

That made a lasting positive impression even in the heart of the bride’s aunt, who opened her house to me for the suits to be ironed. (Good people are soo valuable).

I can’t count, how many “thanks sooo much Sunmbo” I received…. But beyond the appreciation, is the satisfaction my team and I guarantee. And that Exceptional service and extra mile effort, demonstrates our Job essence at Esobevents.

So please, being an event planner can be very humbling, it’s not a place for those who aren’t willing to serve others and take instructions. If you want to boss around, or you feel too proud to get dirty on the job, please don’t consider events planning as a profession.

It is a voluntary act that demonstrates a genuine desire to satisfy and delight a client, at whatever level (regardless of age, class or social status). Happy Customer service week to all our clients, from all of us @EsobEvents .


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