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A Woman’s Encounter With A Religious But Dubious Mechanic…


In Nigeria, almost everyone has a mechanic tale to tell. It is particularly worse for women because dubious mechanics always assume that women don’t know anything about cars and can be easily lied to.

Having paid for a new silencer to be installed in her car, a mechanic she considered a ‘brother in the faith,’ got a old silencer and refurbished it.

She didn’t suspect anything until her own mechanic called her attention to it.

Lara Wise, a journalist, shares her story:

I shared this post yesterday.
Please, read my story.

He is not my mechanic. My mechanic of over four years is far from my house. This guy is just a walking distance away from my house. We see everyday as I drive out and in. We got acquainted over the years having realised we share the same faith.

He is so passionate about God. I would sometimes stop by to gist. We would talk politics, faith and life in general. He fixed very minor problems on the car ranging from replacing lose screws to greasing tight knots. Minor stuff.


Two weeks ago he told me my ‘silencer’ was leaking and driving the car like that would cost me too much fuel. He went under the car, told me it was completely condemned. He brought it out, and, yes, it was. I had worked on it severally. We had to buy a new one.

He told me how much. We haggled. I paid. Left the car with him. Hoped in a taxi to do my runs. He returned the car at night. Following morning, I started the car, it sounded like an aircraft. So noisy. I called him. He said he wasn’t coming to the shop that day as he had an outside job. I left the car. Picked a cab. Did my runs.

I drove the car to him again the following day. Dropped it there and went to work. I picked my car on my way back and as far as I was concerned, it was okay. When I asked why the initial noise, he told me some screws were not firmly tightened. He then said he realised that the ‘silencer’ he fixed on my car was too weak for my six-cylinder engine so he had to get a higher grade which cost him three thousand naira extra.


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On Saturday , I drove to my main mechanic to discuss some pending issues and as soon as I drove in, he told me my ‘silencer’ was leaking. I shot him a terrible glance of ” you must be out of your mind. My ‘silencer’ is brand new”. He got under the car and screamed. “Madam, did you say this ‘silencer is new?” to which I replied in the affirmative.

He took pictures from underneath the car and showed me on his phone. I felt my breakfast fighting its way up from my stomach to my throat. I called my ‘brother’ and handed the phone to my mechanic and he got a tongue lash from him for being so dubious.

My ‘brother’ then told me to bring it back on Monday since it was a Saturday and he had just been bereaved.

Monday morning.

I went to his shop and all I asked was for us to drive to where he purchased my ‘silencer’. I was no longer the sweet madam he was used to. I opened the passenger side door and insisted he must hop into the car.

Then his countenance changed.
He went flat on the floor begging in the name of God.
I asked him to bring out the ‘silencer’.
Ladies and gentlemen, look at the pictures.

Old, worn-out ‘silencer’.
He confessed that he got an old ‘silencer’ and refurbished it for me. He said he bought some iron sheets and wrapped the old ‘silencer’ from inside.
He begged and begged.
I was hamstrung.

I should give him till next weekend to get me what I paid for.
I was sad and I still am. What we do to ourselves in terms of harm and wickedness is grave and so unimaginable.

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