Open Letter

An Open Letter To My 18 Year-Old Self


Dear Self,

You will be 18 in fews days, how you have grown to become a very beautiful woman, and yes, you can now cast your vote as an adult, start making adult decisions, how interesting!

But right before we proceed, I will like to tell you something you didn’t know about yourself. Yes, you are still somewhere around “moro” in osun state doing pre-degree before getting into University and yes, you are begining to feel all your mates are now in 300 level and you are the only one left behind.

Just to answer your thoughts before we go further, you aren’t left behind, that you are still going to celebrate your birthday not yet as an undergraduate is fine. Don’t shoot yourself baby girl, every man has his own race to run, and this is yours so embrace it gracefully. Your age isn’t written all over your face, so no one is going to know how old you are.

I admit, I love the woman you are growing into, making all those grown up decisions, giving your roomates grown up advice, I bet you should consider taking a career in counseling.

I know you are very shy and timid, never wanting to talk to the opposite sex, because you feel you aren’t pretty. Infact you even tie a scarf around your shoulder to cover yourself and shape, because you feel you aren’t pretty. That is so wrong. Your eyes aren’t too big as your aunt says, your teeth are perfect for you, so get get off that inferiority complex and mingle.

Remember how much you love to hang around with your crush, Damilare. But with this you un-friendly look, you might not get a chance to talk to him ever!

Ok, so I know you aren’t really a fan of opening up to talk to people about how you feel really, not even your mom because you feel no one understands you, but I have studied you for so long now and I can tell you what I feel would make you even more pretty.

If you are willing to talk, there are ears to listen! Sounds odd to you right? But that’s the basic truth, locking up all the time feeling like no one is willing to hear you out is so wrong, so I would advise, open up and build healthy relationships. I know you went to an all-girls secondary school and this has often affected the way you relate with guys, these people are humans too and they are free spirited and want to mingle!

Just platonic, remember you promised yourself to have your first sex on your wedding night, so let’s keep it locked till then.

Have you ever considered going for a photo-shoot, maybe you should, you sure look so amazing than you think… Ok let’s get this straight, you are dark, not so tall, your younger ones are taller than you are, but it doesn’t make you less a part of the family.

I know how much you dread reading long letters from big Aunty, so I will just stop here. I can’t thank  you for how much you granted me opportunity to speak freely with you, infact, I am already cooking up one doctor nephew of mine from “the abroad” that has been dying to talk to you, but till you are ready for some mingling, I would just keep my calm.

Always remember I love you so dearly and I am super proud of the woman you are becoming

Love from self


Writer – Joyce Olawumi is a lifestyle and inspirational blogger at


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