The Art Of Taking Responsibility


Nigerian doctors and nurses need to have “the art of taking responsibility” included in their academic curricula. And also have them eat some humble pie as part of their oath. Currently, most of them live and thrive in the illusion that they do no wrong.

Put up a post criticizing one or a group of Nigerian doctors or nurses, and you will have a troupe of all the doctors and nurses (including those who never comment on your posts, and you probably didn’t know you have on your list) crawl out to defend… most of these defenses are stale or lame and do not suffice. Accusation to one or a number is an accusation to all.

Say something that insinuates that there was a fault on the part of the doctors or nurses, and you hear some overused lines like:
1. We save lives, we do this, we do that.

2. The working environments are not conducive.

3. The system is to blame.

4. The government is to blame.

5. The patients are to blame. They don’t have money, they didn’t come for a check up.

6. The post is a hasty generalization.

7. I want to hear the other side of the story first.

And all sorts of other stale lines.

Now I’m not disputing the prevalence of the above listed, but do you know that admitting your own human flaws won’t make your heads fall off your necks? Do you know that there is ALWAYS someone or something to blame for our own mistakes and shortcomings, but the act of acknowledging a shortcoming is an act of responsibility?

Why does it seem like you’ve got a trigger in your brains that makes you think you are above criticisms, and every criticism is an attack? You come up with lame talks like “why so much hate on the Nigerian doctors? Go to the UK when you need healthcare, let’s close down every hospital” and the rest of the shitty type talks. Shut up sometimes and understand that it’s not always about you.

You will hardly find a single one that would be responsible enough to say… if this narrative is true, then the doctors or nurses should get a blame…… and do this with no buts, at least for once.

Most of them blame everyone and everything else but themselves. I have never seen but one, and this one is a friend.

You would very easily find a lawyer say “that lawyer didn’t do a good job”. You can find an engineer say “that construction is bad, not a very good engineering job”. But a doctor, you will have to wait forever. Because you know, they have spent years in medical school, so neither they nor their colleagues can do any wrong.

In a totally different gist, back to more important talks.

I just want to say kudos to all the Nigerian engineers, technologists and technicians. You guys do a great job in spite of the system, government, and limited resources and equipment. As far as I’m concerned, you do no wrong. All the faults go to the government, system, working environments, chickens, pigs… everything and everyone but you.

It is difficult for these lay people to understand when they are not in the system. And if they need us to analyze anything, we must hear the other side of the story, not hearsays.

I can’t spend the past 8 years and counting within the walls of different universities and come and accept blames. All those construction things you people call engineering faults are the direct faults of the government. In my profession, we do no wrong!

Argue with the doctor or nurse next to you.

Barrister lawyers, I hand over the baton to una o. Na the era we dey.


Nkechi Bianze is passionate about advocating for the rights of children, the elderly and women.She is a feminist who advocates and believes in the need for a gender equal planet. She is willing to inconvenient herself in her cause to leave the world a better place than I met it.

She blogs at nkechibianze.com and shares her thoughts on facebook.com/nkechi.bianze

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