For Rahama Sadau, Balancing The Values Of Her Religion With Her Career Has Not Been Simple As ABC


For some women, balancing the expectations of their religion and culture with their work is not as simple as ABC.  In 2016, Rahama Sadau was banned from Kannywood because she hugged a pop star, Classiq, in a music video.

The ban, according to Rahama, was an open door because it gave her the opportunity to work with people she considered as mentors in the Nollywood industry.

Rahama, who sees Indian actress, Priyanka Chopra as a role model says that many may not like her but they are proud of her.

“….At some point, they would have to accept you and appreciate what you’re doing,” she said.  Above all, she just wants people to accept her for who she is.

Speaking with Beatrice Porbeni of Guardian, Rahama says she still upholds her values as a muslim and rejects any role that doesn’t subscribe to them.

If she deserved to be banned
No, I can’t just touch someone and then they say I did something wrong. I think your religion and faith is between you and God. I grew up as a northern lady, I know my limitations and I know what I can do as a northerner and a Muslim. What I did should be at the liberty of the artist who shouldn’t be banned.

If she turned down scripts because of certain things

Yes I have my limitations like I said, there are certain things I wouldn’t do because of where I come from and the religion I stand for. If I show that I am ignorant of things, I have family and I know what the people in the north are capable of, that’s why I am being careful.

A script she had to turn down
I was asked to play a lesbian and I just felt a side of Rahama that couldn’t do it.

Her most memorable role
I played a Christian nun in a convent in a film called Tattoo. Wow, it was a totally different side to Rahama, quite different from what people are used to seeing. The covered, conservative Rahama is now a Christian; I mean I loved the role. I went to Corinthians International school, so all in all it wasn’t too different. I just step into the character and be that role, for me it is not something difficult as long as I understand what the script needs.

Values she won’t compromise
Growing up in the North has been a bit difficult when you are trying to be another person in another zone and another territory. I don’t feel comfortable when I dress in short clothes but I am cool with other things like opening my hair up.

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