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Getting Married To A Ghost Man Sounds Like Stuff Nollywood Movies Are Made Of, But Angela Says It Was Her Reality For 5 Years!


This story of a 39-year-old woman,  Angela Tyoor Agber, who said she was married to a dead man, Tyopenda Joseph, for five years without knowing sounds like a Nollywood movie but Angela says it is her reality.

Here is what she claims happened;

In 2011, Angela, a business woman who dealt in oranges was travelling to Lafia when she met Joseph. They boarded the same taxi and from discussions, they realised they both hailed from the Tiv ethnic group.

They exchanged contacts and an affair soon started. For Angela, it was an answer to a long time prayer as she had been searching desperately for a spouse especially when her mother was pestering her to get married.

The pressure intensified when her friend got married. So, when Joseph proposed marriage to her, it was a dream come true.

Seven months into their relationship, Angela got pregnant and Joseph went to see her family. Although, he performed some marriage rites, her bride price was not collected because it was against tradition as a pregnant woman.

Prior to that time, Angela said Joseph lived in a lonely area, while he told her that he lost all his family members in a village attack. Not wanting to stir up sad memories, Angela stopped probing about his family.

The couple welcomed their son in June 2012 and Angela’s mum came to care for the baby but she was amazed that none of Joseph’s people came.

She was also surprised that even after their son clocked four, Joseph didn’t allow him attend a school with the excuse that he would enrol him in a school when they relocate to Abuja.

Angela’s world came crashing in March, this year, when she discovered that she had been living with a dead man.

According to her in an interview The Sun, she is yet to recover from the shock as an unexpected visit by two guests to their home blew her husband’s cover, leaving Angela in pain and sorrow.

Angela,  who wanted to rent a shop to expand her business, was told by the property owner that he would like to see her husband, a major requirement  to ensure she was a responsible woman.

But Joseph was too busy to meet his wife’s landlord, who decided to visit the couple at home. However, the landlord went with another man, Mr.Targba Iortim, who hails from Tiv from Taraba State.

Just when Angela welcomed the visitors into their home, Joseph came into the sitting room to meet his guests. He had barely stepped into the sitting room when one of his guests recognised him and then summoned the courage to ask him the question that changed Angela’s life.

Addressing him by the nickname he was called when he was still alive, Mr.Tagba said,  “Big Joe, but you are no more, why are you here”?

By the time they all recovered from their shock, Joseph had disappeared with their son.

Mr.Tagba, whose late elder sister once dated Joseph, confirmed that he died in an autocrash in 2005 and months later, his immediate family was killed in a village attack.

Angela is now able to connect the dots of her husband’s strange behaviour. She said,

Each time I complained about his quietness, he tells me that he was thinking about his people who died back home, and that he would join them someday. Most times, he talked about his terrible dreams, how water surrounded him while he was going to a farm. There was a day he asked me how I would feel if he slept one day and didn’t wake up; there was a day he told me he had a dream that Joseph Jnr., our son, died and was buried.

In all the years we spent together, he never attended a church service even for once; he had no friends. On the day he went to my village for our introduction, two young men and a woman accompanied us; he told me one of the men was his uncle who came from Kaduna, while the other was his friend from Makurdi. He said the woman was with us to represent his mother and was a relation from Makurdi.

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