Maltida Duncan’s Near-Death Experience From A Chase By FRSC Officials


After a near-death experience from a chase by some FRSC officials, Nollywood actor, Mofe Duncan is speaking out for his sister, Matilda Duncan, who was stopped on her way to work because she was holding her phone.

As she drove away from the officials, they rode on a bike, pursuing her and double crossed her on a  bend, causing an accident that left her in a mangled car, while her pursuants left her there.

He wrote,

Yesterday around 1:30PM, my sister was involved in a road accident caused by FRSC unit. As she left the bank around financial district Abuja, she was flagged down by an FRSC rider, she stopped and asked why she was being stopped, he replied “You were holding ur phone in your hand.”, she replied “For real, please I am late for work, since when as it been a crime to hold your phone? Was I using the phone?” . He replied, “No but you were holding it.”.

She found this very amusing and navigated away from the rider and headed down the road towards her office at Silverbird galleria Abuja. The unit, one rider and a pick up followed her. The rider yelling at her to stop and hitting her window. She was due to be on radio at 2PM, she said “Stop hitting my car, follow me to my office and we can sort this out.”

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The rider then double crossed her on the bend and applied his brakes, Matilda had to swerve to avoid him and she hit the curb and her car flipped twice. Immediately this happened, the rider and the unit took off.

FRSC… Federal Road Safety…. ROAD… SAFETY… ran, leaving the mangled car with my sister and her P.A. inside. They ran. If not for onlookers who rushed to get them out, I wonder what my narrative would’ve been.

She is fine. @matilda_duncan is alive and well, shaken up but no fatal injuries. Whiplashed from the seat belt and slight headaches from the tumble of the car but God is good and merciful. She and her P.A. walked out unscathed. This is the decadence of our authorities, endangering the lives of people for a miserly N2000 you might receive if you’re lucky. WHY? It is well, God pass them.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Chinwe Onye

    Chinwe Onye

    October 30, 2017 at 9:56 am

    Double-cross :
    Definition of double cross

    1 a :an act of winning or trying to win a fight or match after agreeing to lose it
    b :an act of betraying or cheating an associate
    2 :a cross between first-generation hybrids of four separate inbred lines (as in the production of hybrid seed corn)

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