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She Discovered Her Boyfriend Was Cheating On Her, So She Planned This Little Suprise For Him


A twitter user, @AyanaTheDIVA, shared how she found out her boyfriend, who lived with her was cheating on her with a co-worker who lived just six houses away.

Here is what she did next

She tweeted,

So I just started this new job like 2 weeks ago. All my coworkers been pretty cool. But it’s this one girl who I literally just clicked with

We act alike, have the same taste in men. (I know this because when they come in the door we both be lookin at each other like)

So last week I had a guest who all my female coworkers (hell the men too) were going crazy over. I, didn’t think he was all that ..

And neither did she. She was like “I know a nigga that looks way better than him.” We we’re on different sides of the restaurant ..

(We’re servers by the way). So she was just showing everyone the pic of him and they was all like yeahhh he fine he do look good blah blah

Mind you this was LAST week. & we had got busy so I never got to see the picture. So tonight, a fine ass CHOCOLATE MAN with a BEARD walks in

We give each other the look again. Because we obviously both think he’s cute. When he leaves she says “that man was so fine” I’m like yessss

She goes “I forgot to show you the boy I was talkin bout last week” so she pulls out her phone, opens the instagram app….

The FIRST name in her search bar was my boyfriend’s Instagram page …

In my head im literally praying she doesn’t click on his page …….. But she does

So I keep it cool and I’m like oh that’s (his name) …. you know him???

I ain’t saying his name on here cuz y’all be real quick

Anyway she like “yeahhh I know him, how you know him?” I’m like no how YOU know him ???? (Laughing and being all fake smiling n shit)

She goes “girl that is my booooo” I let her get it out cuz I wanted her to tell me as much stuff as she could before I made my announcement

So she’s like ain’t he fine , ain’t he fine. Omg how you know him. I just simply replied “we went to middle school and high school together”

So I’m like ” so that’s just your boo or your boyfriend” I’m still smiling acting so interested

She goes “girl that’s just my boo but we talk everyday we might as well be together”

So I’m still playing it cool like omgggg that’s crazy this world is sooo small. Just as I was about to call an Uber . I just decided to ask

Her where she lives … she was like I’m in Ellenwood . I was like omg me too I’m off exit 5 She was like omg me too!

So I ask her what is she doing tonight ? “She was like nothing” I was like girl come to my house and have a drink !! She was like okay cool

The gag is my boyfriend lives with me…So we hop in the car & she telling me about him & all the good times they’ve been having for the past year (we been together for 3 btw)

My boyfriend works at night and gets off at like 1 am so my plan was to have him walk in and see us there. As we’re pulling up to my complex

She goes “bitch omggg I live here” Now I’m mad af but I’m keeping calm. It’s just hard as hell now. But anyway I’m like “omg WHAT?!”

She’s like “yessss girl this is my neighborhood omfg I’m about to be over your house everyday”

But this DOES answer the question if she’s ever been to/in my house. Which she hasn’t cuz I’m sure she woulda said something

So I go “does your man live on this side too? I live with mine maybe we can double date” she’s like no he lives an hour away I’m like

So girl we pull up at my house she’s like this is crazy im only 6 houses down the street (let me find out this nigga be walking to her crib)

Anyway. We’re getting out the car and I see the tv light through the front door. THIS NIGGA HOMEEE hmmm. So I decide to go in through

The garage to see if the car is in it and yep. So I’m low key hype. I’m like “oh girl I didn’t know MY babe was home you can meet him”

I walk in fast af . This nigga in the bathroom.. So I’m like cool. She sits down& I start pouring us glasses of wine. She’s like “your house is so pretty”

I hear him yell from the bathroom like “bae that’s you” “I’m like yea my coworker here we’re about to drink , come join us when you done”

This nigga comes out the bathroom and comes in the kitchen and sees her … THEIR FUCKING FACES WERE PRICELESS DO YOU HEAR ME!!!

His dumb ass gone say “what’s up how are you” … she sick af in the face looking at him like

She then looks at me and goes “Really Ayana? Why didn’t you just tell me ?? This is embarrassing I wouldn’t have done you like this”

I basically just say “thanks for the ride girl. No hard feelings , you can keep the glass” she really kept my shit and walked out

I look at him and go “really nigga???? 6 fucking houses down??? Are you fucking stupid or something ????”

So to fill in the gaps in case you’re confused. Me and the girl are BOTH new to the job so he didn’t know she worked there yet.

In case you’re wondering he has left the building. I’m currently taking a break from packing up his shit to tweet this story

And I’m calling a locksmith to change the locks. Me and the girl work together tomorrow. I will update yall after I see her.

And no im not concerned with him not having anywhere to go… she does only live 6 houses down.

Me and her have talked yall. We are good. She saw the thread …I APOLOGIZED TO HER.



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