Take A Seat Cyber Bullies! Tboss Has Got Her Groove Right Back


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When Tboss was going for the Big Brother Naija show, she never thought it will make her become a victim of constant cyber bullying. After the show, she suffered backlash that made her cry for days.

She has however no longer scared of her cyber bullying but has grown stronger from the hate, while she focuses on the love.

She said,

So the other day I asked you guys about your fears, phobias & superstitions! Well, here’s mine although not so much as it used to be. I used to be scared of Social Media. Oh Yes. Terribly so.

When I decided to go for BBN lawddd knows I didn’t know it was gonna be this Hugeee. Yeah I suspected that people would not like me but at a point I knew people loved me. Helllooooo I was put up for possible eviction 8/9 times & each time I escaped it. Shame on the devil. Of course I didn’t do that myself so somebody or loads of somebodies kept saving me so You do d maths.

Anyways, coming out of d house, I was warned that d Hate was Real yooo but then again so was d ❤ & I should just focus on d ❤. Easier said than done I tell you. Yes, I was banned from reading comments, blogs & articles but late at night whilst everyone slept, I would read.

Read, read & cry & cry & ask myself WHY did I ever go into d BBN house. I regretted it. All of it, cos truth be told, I didn’t get why the hate??? I still don’t but now it doesn’t even matter. Considering it really was just a game! For your Entertainment.

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That’s what it was but then again after a few weeks people’s characters would sneak out yet I never cheated, I never lied, never bad mouthed nobody, Never gossiped, conspired, threatened nobody, presented any sort of risk to nobody.

Yes I kissed a younger guy- Sue me. I was single so I wasn’t cheating on nobody. I never kissed anyone else outside d truth or dare games. I laughed, cried- ohh I cried but mostly when I was angry or when I beat myself up, I screamed, I never spoke down on nobody.

I was Me…And yet..But like I said, it doesn’t even matter. I have accepted my new shoes & I’d say by His Grace I’m filling them up quite nicely. I thank God that d tables have turned & d ❤is more than d hate or maybe I just don’t even notice anymore but still some really ugly sad attention seeking people still spew rubbish about me & im just like- Yooo Do you know me? Have we ever met? What did I ever do to you? Am I really d cause of your misery?

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