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The Pep Talk Funke Akindele-Bello Gave Herself When She Started Hearing Rumours About Her Husband


In 2013, after her first marriage failed, Funke Akindele was so heartbroken that she buried herself in work. She became the person who was making people laugh but she wasn’t happy herself.

In the same year, she met Abdul Bello (who is now her husband) but she was not ready for a relationship when he told her he wanted to marry her.

Soon, they became friends and their friendship blossomed into a relationship, so, they decided to seal their relationship.

But six months to their wedding, a challenge came up that questioned Funke’s conviction about her spouse.

She told TW Magazine, “There was rumours on set that he was being bossy. People were saying that he has three baby mamas. They now started this, ‘ Funke settles for less’ talk. I read comments like ‘three children? Baggage or why can’t she just settle with someone single?’”

So, Funke decided to give herself the pep talk.

She said,

I stood in front of the mirror and told myself, you are 39. Which of your mate is a single guy, or which one older than you is single, except he’s a widower or a divorcee at 40? If he’s not married, ogun aye n ba ja (he is battling with terrestial wars).

Abdul is he bossy? No. you’re together with him always. Abdul is forgiving and that is great! Someone has dealt with Abdul, he has forgiven the person, and he has moved on. He even invited the person on a project, can you imagine?

I can be very vindictive, I will give my everything but once you mess up, to correct it is a problem for me; and I’m like for this man to be like this, he’s a good man. His kids are grown, and their mothers are all married, happily married, in their homes!

I put it in before God that if it is in thy will for me to marry abdul, let it work, but if there will be problems, let everyone go in peace. That’s what I told God, its you and I leave it to you.

I remember one music artiste calling me on the phone and saying he (my husband) wants to use me to blow. I said he’s no more into music. They said he wants to blow as a director.

People are negative. Never allow people talk you down. Once you talk to God and speak the truth to yourself, ‘is it right?’ tick it.

With that settled, I was just enjoying myself. We’d go to London, we’d be in our house, we’d cook, eat, be happy, go shopping….

He told me, I want the day before your birthday to be our wedding, so you can always remember all the time. I also want you to be 39 and married. He’s a father and a friend and all I tell God is to please grant him long life and good health; and also grant me the same.

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  1. Folorunso Victoria Oluwabukola

    Folorunso Victoria Oluwabukola

    October 29, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    Follow ur heart

  2. Adeola Adeniyi

    Adeola Adeniyi

    October 29, 2017 at 9:53 pm

    Funke it is well with you and yours, enjoy

  3. Abimbola Adeyemi

    Abimbola Adeyemi

    October 30, 2017 at 7:30 am

    When God’s got your back, that’s all that matters.

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