“What Happens When Two Genuine People Find Genuine Love? Should They Give It Up Because They Are Not Of The Same Religion?” – Aderonke Enoabasi


Some days ago, we shared the story of a fashion blogger, Ella Mo’Adenuga, who talked about being married to a muslim as a christian woman and how she has been managing her home.

Today, another fashion blogger, Aderonke Enoabasi shares her view on love and religion.

Where love is, does religion really matter? Should two people from different religions who love themselves be discouraged from getting married? She wants to know.

For her, she chooses love over religion.

What do you think?

She wrote,

I have seen a lot of Christians marry each other and didn’t end up happily ever despite all the Bible teachings they divorced, I have also seen muslim couple who ended up dissolving their union, And i still see y’all cursing out people who choose to marry outside their religion! Ha! I am tired o!

A lot of people are in love but are scared to marry because society will remind them that they serve different god? Pls were they created by different God too?

As much as the general belief is, it is safer to marry from your tribe or your religion, or if you marry outside your religion, it’s a SIN! I understand, but what happens when two genuine people find genuine love? Should they give it up for religion? What’s d guarantee if they go and marry someone else from the same religion it will work?

if you ask me about inter-tribal marriage / inter – religious marriage! I beg to differ This is what I will say- wherever you find genuine love and utmost peace build your home therein, because life has taught me that there are no rules to some of these thing, satisfy your innermost desire first before family or society! Find a good man /woman or a good soul and settle there!

HUMANITY should come first before Religion and tribe! If you want to help me, help me because you think I deserve it not because I’m your Muslim brother or ur Christian sister or because I’m Yoruba or Igbo! Help me because I am HUMAN like you, love me because I am human like you and you think I deserved to be loved!

Don’t hate me because I’m from another tribe or because I’m Practicing a different religion neither of these doesn’t make me less Human as you! I am tired of this damn rules that is so confusing! I am not here to change it, (MBA) I am just here to live my own life and move on, if you have a problem with , please let me make my mistakes, you go ahead and make yours.

if you ask me what I’m teaching the younger ones? I’m teaching them to do whatever makes them happy and be responsible for their actions! If it works for them fine! If it doesn’t, let them keep trying till they find what works for them. I choose LOVE first over religion!



  1. Mike Goody

    Mike Goody

    October 25, 2017 at 6:32 pm

    My take on this is that two animal cannot answer antelope the same time. A side from this, how can anyone know when love is genuine? My Darling sister, u can know who u love but u cannot know who love u. People pretend a lot.

  2. Wynford Dunn

    Wynford Dunn

    October 26, 2017 at 7:12 am

    Love, in many ways is bigger than religion. I can get into the meta-physics of it, but let me simply say this: religion is of man and love is of God.

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