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10 Naija Women Share The Best Career Advice They Ever Received


We asked naija women the best career advices that they have received and 10 women shared them below.


Business progresses when friends and family pay for services rendered.


You spend a chunk of your waking hours with your colleagues. Even more than you spend with family. Ensure you strive for an environment that is healthy.


“You are where you are suppose to be” meaning don’t get caught up watching other people focus on your goal and you’ll reach it although it may not be the way other people have gone through


Never take a business decision with an emotional heart.


Perform every task like it would be the last impression you would want the company to have of your service.


Be scared but do it anyways


Never write yourself off because you aren’t where you’d like to end up. Every place is a stepping stone to the next- don’t see challenges and obstacles as permanent defeat, but as milestones on your path to glory!


Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.


Never build your life around a particular job…change happens. Don’t stop educating yourself because you got a job.


Don’t think someone is being hard on you. If they don’t like you or want you to be better, they’d keep quiet.

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