Dakore Egbuson-Akande Pledges Her Cornea After Death To Help Those With Reversible Blindness


In some countries, people pledge their organs for donation after death. This is to help the recipients function normally again. Some of the organs that can be donated are corneas, tissues, hands and face, blood and platelets, blood stem cells, cord blood, and bone marrow.

Such act is uncommon in Nigeria but Nollywood actress, Dakore Egbuson-Akande is starting a conversation around it. Recently made the ambassador for the Eye bank of Nigeria, Dakore said she pledged her cornea upon death.

Cornea is the delicate tissue responsible for the control and focus of light into the eyes. This tissue can be damaged by trauma or infection resulting in corneal blindness. This type of blindness is reversible with the transplant of cornea tissues from a donor upon demise to a recipient.

“What do you think about this? Would you consider donating any of your body organs upon death?” she wants to know

She wrote,

My Awesome #Dakorefam,  hope you’re having an awesome Tuesday so far? My #tbt is fairly recent…I was officially unveiled as the Ambassador for the Eye bank of Nigeria with the aim of sensitizing the public about the need for Cornea donors to help those with reversible blindness.

I pledged my cornea that day and what that means is when I leave this earth I willingly donate my cornea to help give the gift of sight especially as I would no longer be needing it….what are your views on this and becoming a donor in general?

I would really appreciate your kind feedback so we can start the conversation…will you be willing to do it for a loved one or a stranger? How do you SEE it? Factors that prevent most people from doing this is fear but of what exactly? Do share your comments…♥ #Iamacorneadonor #NowISEEcampaign#Doyou? #slayforacause



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