Dealing With Long Distance Relationship


Many people avoid getting into any relationship where they are in one end of the country/world and their partner is in another. The reason is accounted to so many things; for some it is fear, for some other it is too costly, for yet another it doesn’t make sense, it shakes some people trust level. For some people long-distance relationship is not a relationship and some other reasons that people may summarize as ‘it can’t work’.

I however believe whether you are overseas, or within each other’s reach, it is possible to have a healthy, fruitful long distance relationship. If someone opts out of a relationship because of distance I vehemently believe the person is not serious and not ready for responsibilities. Long-distance relationship is very expensive to deal with; it requires your time, thoughtfulness and consideration, finances, and a number of sacrifices and risks. Like every other relationship it has its own challenges and opportunities. It could breed cheating, lying and even doubt and it could also mean more communication and reliance. It all depends on the individuals involved. So, how do you make your long distance relationship work?

Talk consistently; you might want to ask how consistent? Talk every day. If your schedule is very busy and you move from one meeting to another, then you might want to consider talking before you head out in the morning and at the close of the day. You can equally take advantage of breaks and free time in between your work. If your partner is abroad, the social media should definitely be your friend then; engage in video calls (Skye or Imo whatever tickles your fancy); share pictures of your moments (your work schedule, your outfit for the day, events you attended, anything picture Snapchat handles that for you), call rates can be high so chat (whatsapp, BBM, Instagram message, there are a lot of them these days). The idea is to keep in touch constantly. Do and say those things that you would do/say when you are together. Don’t assume it does not matter since he/she is not here.

Share things you would like to discuss or do with your partner. Don’t wait till you are in front of each other before you tell him the plan you executed, the event you went to, the business idea you have, the promotion you got at work. Turn that long-distance period into gist period. Share your goals with each other, identify that you are part of each other’s plan. Share your feelings and emotions. Long-distance relationship may mean you have to put some feelings and emotions on hold; talk about them with your partner it will ease the tension and ultimately prevent you from cheating and getting frustrated.

Plan trips together. One of the ways you can catch up with the time you have not been together is to plan to take a trip together. It could even be your chance of seeing each other after some months. You don’t have to go over the sea to do it. It can be a place within the country (Nigeria particularly has very nice places to visit; the north and south has abundance of resort), it can be within the continent (you can visit an African country; Seychelles, Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya are delightful) anywhere can be your get-away so long it allows you both to relax, catch up and bask in each other’s company.

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Tomilade Olominu is a Research associate. She shares highlights on faith, spirituality and Christian living thejedidiah.i.ng



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