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Oluwafunmilayo Shares Her Experience With One Chance Operators Disguised As Police Officer And Motorists


A Facebook user, Asaye Olufunmilayo recounted her experience with one chance operators she mistook for motorists on her way to work.

She wrote,

So it happened that I took a bus going to oshodi. I was running late cos I just was not in the mood to start my monotonous day. So I lounged that morning catching up with the news around the globe and playing games on my phone. It was a Tuesday morning. I dashed out by 6:45 am and took a bus.

I missed a full bus and I just took the next available one especially since I sighted a police officer in it. So I settled in, the bus was on full speed, conductor closed the door and the journey started. I paid my fare. The bus had four men in it. The driver, a police officer occupying the passengers seat, the conductor and a strange man.

Suddenly the conductor told me he wanted to check the tire of the car. And I thought to myself, how the hell do you want to check the tire of a moving vehicle so he asked that I move to the middle. That was when I became aware. He wasn’t trying to check the tire, noo. He was closing the windows. So I moved closer to the door and started waving my hands frantically outside hoping I would alert someone.

Suddenly, two men pounced on me. The conductor and the strange man. Choking me and pinning me down. I had no chance fighting back. No chance whatsoever. When I realised the situation I was in, I told them to calm down that there was no need for the scuffle and I was ready to cooperate. My mind was blank. I didn’t know if they were ritualists or robbers or kidnappers.

So they started by rummaging through my bag like fucked up rabbits and took my cash, pulled off my earrings and my bracelet, slapped me once and threatened to rape me if I make a move. I had to come up with the excuse that I was pregnant to avoid any kind of sexual assault. Thank God it worked. I left my savings account ATM at home and I just thank God for that initiative.

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So the gang leader who looked like he was dressed for work told me he wanted to check my phone applications and confirm my balance. Said I should transfer all I had in my account to my ATM card. I was seated on the floor of the bus, humiliated, dehumanised in ways I never thought. Suddenly the bus stopped and five more men entered. That was when I started wailing. I thought it was over.

They were probably robbers as well as ritualists. They were a gang of men who just wanted money. So I did a transfer to my account which had an ATM card and one of the men got down and withdrew the money. After they had successfully completed their operation, I was dropped off far away from work. My phone wasn’t even taken all because I told them I had an antenatal appointment.

But I thank God that it wasn’t more than what it was. I couldn’t sleep for days. I don’t ever ever rush to work again. I cannot come and die for a job. Never.
Please folks, take your buses from garages.

Reduce the habit of taking buses along the road and even if you do, scrutinize whichever one you choose to enter. God be with us all. For the remaining part of this year, may we not weep or mourn over any one. Have a blessed week.



  1. Oluwatoyin Ayodamola Iyaomolere

    Oluwatoyin Ayodamola Iyaomolere

    November 10, 2017 at 10:47 pm

    I was also a victim. But I thank God I came out of it alive



    November 11, 2017 at 12:25 pm

    I experienced same abt two weeks ago same scenario,joins the bus from ikeja busstop.grateful to God for life



    March 5, 2018 at 4:46 pm

    These people never get tired. I experienced something quite similar. Check my pinned post on twitter @isolanke. I can only pray our security system is beefed up.

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