Sharon Ezeamaka Speaks On Her Life As A Feminist Long Before Feminism Became A Thing


Feminism is about equal opportunities for men and women. Sharon Ezeamaka believes it, she speaks up about it and she is totally here for it.

In an interview with Ikenna Obioha of The Sun, Sharon speaks on her ideals as a feminism and growing up without her father.

She said,

On Feminism

I’m a feminist! Let’s start from there. I don’t joke with that part of my life. I’m a feminist. I’ve been a feminist since before it became a ‘thing’. I’ve always been a feminist.

For me, whenever someone says, ‘you are a feminist?’ I’m like, ‘have you gone to the dictionary to know what that word means?’ It just basically means someone who believes that men and women should have equal opportunities; economically, socially and in every area of their lives, and I don’t think that is far-fetched.

I think that if I work hard for something, I should be able to get it whether I am a man or a woman. It means that I believe that we should have equal opportunities. Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t do this because I’m a girl.

Feminism at home

I was raised by a woman. It never stopped her from being an incredible parent. I mean it’s just society’s idea of what a woman should be. I don’t think that applies to anything. I feel a man can be just as good a parent as a mum and a woman as good a parent as a dad. Does it really matter what your gender is? All that matters is who you are at the end of the day.

I grew up with a single parent and I never felt like I was missing anything because she puts all of her attention on us. My mum is a superhero and there are lots of mums in the world who are superheroes like her and most people don’t see it that way because you don’t have a dad. I don’t think why people feel there is something wrong with you because you grew up with a single mother.

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