This Is What Ufuoma McDermott Thinks About Men Who Tell Women To Choose Between Their Relationship And Their Career


There are many women who have built great careers and businesses and have also been able to keep their relationships or marriages. If it is possible to have both, why do some men tell their women to choose one?


In a chat with BroadWay TV, Ufuoma says she believes it is hypocritical.


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she said,

Before you go into marriage, at some point, you’re aware of what it is your spouse does and even if your spouse doesn’t do that thing at that point in time, somehow, there’s an inclination to have an idea of what that person’s future hopes, aims or aspires to be. So, I might not be a pilot today, but somewhere in my relationship, I might have said, ‘you know as a kid, I wanted to fly a plane. I wanted to be this.’ You must have heard it at some point and at that point, I think that you will not be fair on the grounds of your inability to keep up to make that marriage not work.

I’ve heard of people who say, I would have been married but I was dating a guy who doesn’t want me to be an actress but they met this person as an actress. For me, it’s a bit hypocritical. Because you saw this person as an actor and you like person and then, you’re giving them the condition to dump their career, I think its unfair.

On the other side, there are some people who go in, they might not completely spell it out, they just say things like, ‘this your acting, you go reduce am sha o.’ try and understand what a profession entails and look through that profession and if it is not something you’re willing to cope with, it’s unfair to make that person believe that you love them with their career and then you come in and give the conditions that they drop it.

If you love that person, you’ll be committed to the marriage and your spouse, together with their irrespective of what they do.

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