Adanna Ohakim-David Shares Her Second Pregnancy Story And How She Lost One Of Her Twins To Miscarriage


Adanna Ohakim-David and her husband had agreed it was time to have another baby after their first son, so, Adanna stopped using birth controls and the couple started trying for another child.

In July this year, Adanna found out she was pregnant and days after, she travelled to Nigeria for her father’s birthday party, but days later, she started bleeding.

Out of fear, Adanna immediately saw an obstetrician, who told her that she had lost her baby and had to do an evacuation, but she refused an immediate evacuation, while she begged for some time to process the information.

Sadly, she went back home and busied herself with her father’s birthday preparation. The D-day came, and towards the end of the birthday party, she started feeling unwell, so, she went to check herself in the toilet.

On getting there, she realised she had passed out so many tissues and she feared she had finally lost baby

“When you hear about women who have miscarriages and as empathetic as you can be towards them, you just cannot understand what it feels like to be a woman going through a miscarriage for a child that you’ve been praying for, a child you’ve be wanting or a child that you’re happy to have, or a child that you’ve started to connect with. It’s just the most painful thing for any woman to go through,” she said.

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In August, Adanna travelled back to her base abroad for a proper checkup. But her doctor told her that the requirement to see a private obstetrician was if she had consecutively gone through three miscarriages.

“I don’t even pray for any woman to go through one miscarriage. But can you imagine going through that and thinking all you want is answers to your questions, feeling sad in the middle of your miscarriage, going to someone that tells you, you need to go through this horrible thing you’re going through three times before we can refer you,” she explained.

The experience made Adanna, who is also a doctor, have a knowledge of what patients go through when doctors break a bad news to them. So, the doctor told her that she would have to wait till her bleeding stops before she is referred for an ultrasound.

When she couldn’t wait any more, she booked an appointment with a doctor in Germany and there, she was told that she was carrying twins, sadly, one of the twin didn’t form, and that explained the tissue that came out of her.

With mixed emotions, Adanna couldn’t believe she still had one baby left despite all she went through and the crazy time she spent in the gym. Her joy seemed to be cut short again, when she was told by another obstetrician that her placenta was covered in blood clots and her surviving baby was at risk.

“I do not wish this on anybody. This is a horrible thing for any woman to go through,” she said.

She was advised to quit her job and take a bed rest, while she sees her obstetrician every two weeks. Adanna felt comfortable to share the news after her doctor told her that her placenta was healing.

“The reason why we feel comfortable now to share the news is because, in the last two to three appointments, she’s (her doctor) is really happy. my placenta is healing. 5 months pregnant, I’m feeling very happy, blessed and grateful to God for seeing me through the crazy period.”




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