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Adeola Almost Rescheduled Her Flight But She Didn’t, That Decision Saved The Life Of A Woman Who May Have Died In The Plane


When Adeola, a medical doctor was travelling to Lagos, she didn’t know she would be saving lives. She had almost rescheduled her flight but later had a change of mind. Today, her patient and her daughter are grateful to Adeola.

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She wrote,

My flight to Lagos was literally out of a movie! I was sleeping (duh!) when the announcements rung out for a Dr. because there was a ‘sick’ person on the flight. I decided to check out the situation and lo and behold this woman was in full anaphylactic shock with her throat swollen shut gasping for air and she had the biggest hives i had ever seen from head to toe!

I thought to myself ‘okay you were trained for this this’ but the 500 people looking to me to be the ‘hero of the day’ i wasn’t trained for, the deafening scream that belted out when i injected her with epinephrine was nothing i had ever heard before, the panic attack her daughter was suffering at the same time… all of it.

I had to act fast and keep my composure under so much pressure because i knew we didn’t have much time, there was no ER to take her to afterwards so I had to treat her for the next 4 hours and i also had to calm everyone else down at the same time.

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It’s crazy to think i almost rescheduled my flight over a very inconsequential reason. I am so happy God was able to use me to save this woman with a beautiful soul. God just confirmed to me that he will always put me right where i need to be and he is leading me to my purpose!

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1 Comment

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