Between Yvonne Orji And Her Parents Who Want Her To Give Them A Child Before They Die


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Nigerian, American actress, Yvonne Orji has always been open about her virginity and her plans to remain so until she gets married.

She also revealed her parents warning to her at 16 about how she is not allowed to date until she is married.

Now at 32 and still single, Yvonne’s parents want her to give them a grandchild before they die, so, they are trying to match-make her with any eligible suitor.

“There’s random people calling my phone, ‘Your mother gave me your number.’ My mother has tried to set me up so many times long-distance.” Her parents are not shy about making their desires clear. “They’re like, ‘We just want grandchildren before we die,’” she said.

Meanwhile, as much as Yvonne wants to be hooked, it will not be at the expense of her career.

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“I want to do more good work. That’s very much my parents’ influence in me.” She imitated herself as a child talking to her mother and father: “‘I got all As and a B.’ ‘Why did you get a B?’ ‘I was too busy getting As in all the other stuff?’ ‘No, you can get all As if you try harder.’ ‘O.K., I will try harder.’”

“There’s just still so much to do. It’s super-dope, but I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface.”

Recalling her last relationship, which she ended several years ago because she of her career, Yvonne said,

“To not have the wherewithal to give fully to a relationship bothered me,” she said. “His birthday would come around and I would say, ‘I made you a card. I hope you like it. It has macaroni on it. I went to Trader Joe’s, that’s dinner.’”

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