Feminism Doesn’t Cause Divorce!


I have come to the conclusion that a larger percentage of Nigerian men secretly or openly desire to marry women who they can dominate and control.

When things do not turn out as expected in marriage, and it results in divorce; they start blaming feminism and gender equality advocacy for the high rate of divorce… how convenient

I reckon that the high rate of divorce is largely due to the fact that some men do not realize that the fact that their fathers treated their mothers like trash and she tolerated it doesn’t mean that their wives will tolerate as much. You slap and beat a woman compulsively, and she files for divorce, and you blame feminism for preaching some sense into her brain, why? Because your mother and grandmother and all the women in your generation lived with decades of abuse from their men just to remain married.

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Feminism isn’t and has never been the cause of the high rate of divorce. It is the inability of certain people in the society to come to terms and flow at the required pace with the gradual change. Live with the fact that more and more women are becoming more empowered, getting more education, and becoming more aware of their rights as individuals. Live with the fact that as a man, you will not enjoy some of the undue privileges your male ancestors enjoyed at the expenses of their wives and other women in their lives.

Soon and very soon, the top requirement for a husband will become “he must be a feminist”, or at least someone who aligns with gender equality.

Already for me; I do not see myself getting married to a non-feminist.

By the way, I think most male feminists are relatively highly intelligent, good looking and appealing, in comparison to their non-feminist counterparts.


Nkechi Bianze is passionate about advocating for the rights of children, the elderly and women.She is a feminist who advocates and believes in the need for a gender equal planet. She is willing to inconvenient herself in her cause to leave the world a better place than I met it.

She blogs at nkechibianze.com and shares her thoughts on facebook.com/nkechi.bianze

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1 Comment

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