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Grace Do Not Understand Why Her Husband Committed Suicide Few Days After Celebrating The Birth Of The Children They Waited 17 Years For


It was a shock to many when a Director in the Kogi State Civil Service, Edward Soje, committed suicide after his wife delivered triplets in Kogi state. Edward, before his death, left a note for his wife that God would preserve her, urging her to take care of the boys.

According to reports, Edward committed suicide because he was being owed 11 months salary by the Kogi state government.

When Eniola Akinkuotu of the Punch spoke to his wife, Grace Soje, she explained that her husband showed no signs of depression the last time she saw him.

Grace learnt about her husband’s death on October 31, although he died on October 16.

“I learnt of my husband’s death on Tuesday. I was not even informed because my phone was taken away from me after I gave birth. But on that particular day, I saw my phone lying around and it was switched off. So, I turned it on and saw my brother-in-law’s text message in which he said he had gone to pick up his dead brother’s corpse. It was at that point that I started screaming that they have killed my husband.”

After the naming ceremony of their triplets, which took place at the hospital on October 14, Grace had asked her husband to go home and rest and return in the evening but she never saw him again. She never thought something could be wrong with him because, on the day the triplets were born, he was rolling on the hospital floor thanking God for finally giving them children after over 17 years.

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“One of the nurses told me that when I was in the theatre and the babies were born, my husband was rolling on the floor, praising God. He bought banana for the nurses. Even my tenants in Lokoja said on Friday, my husband was very joyful and told them that he was going to stay in Abuja for a long time to take care of his children.”

However, Grace said that her husband’s nephew told her that her husband had complained to him that he had no property and that the ones they had were for his wife. He also told her that her husband said things he didn’t understand.

On if her husband died because he had not been paid for almost a year, Grace said she didn’t know.

“I don’t know if it is because of salary because I am not a Kogi State civil servant. After all, he has not been collecting salary since January but we have been managing my own salary. So, I don’t know.”

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