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How Blessing Kwomo Is Providing Holistic Healthcare For Low-Income Families Through Her De Therapeutic Studio


Blessing Kwomo is the founder of De Therapeutic Studio, a home-based health care tailored to treating illness and addressing root causes and empowering families through education to live healthier within the context of their environment.

Raised in a village in Kano State, Blessing often returned to the hospital because she was always unable to fully recover in her home due to poor living conditions and environment, which is always susceptible to diseases.

And as she grew up, she noticed people around her passed through the same challenges of sickness, treatment and relapse. She also saw how women die every minute from pregnancy and child birth complications.

So, Blessing decided to to create an alternative healthcare solution that would support all aspect that contribute to individual total wellness.

Thus, DE REHOBOTH THERAPEUTIC STUDIO was founded on the 2nd of October, 2014.

DE REHOBOTH is an intervention to encourage the total well being of low income families in Nigeria and to ensure that childbirth is safer, infection rate reduced and women have the essential kits for a clean delivery.

It works to promote the self sustainability of families in poor health and at social risk. It helps these individuals take active part in the maintenance of their health and in the treatment of their disorders through a more natural approach to healing.

DE REHOBOTH also aims to break the cycle of poverty and suffering by providing support to the low income families by empowering them to become economically and socially self sufficient.

Their interventions are in these five areas:

Health: DE REHOBOTH provides specialized food, medicine and technical support to ensure that the patient’s chronic or acute illness is well managed.

Housing: Homes in poor conditions are repaired and refurbished using materials and labour provided by DE REHOBOTH to give access to basic amenities such as portable clean water, good sewage/refuse disposal units at a very reduced price.

Income generation: Family members particularly mothers are enrolled in professional training courses where they learn marketable skills that help ensure stable and raised income upon graduation.

Citizenship: DE REHOBOTH provides guidance in obtaining official registration documentation which permits access to government social service program.

Education: Parents and teenagers attend educational lectures on issues such as nutrition, hygiene, violence, infant development, family planning, STDs, AIDS etc.

She has been featured on CNN and How We Made it in Africa and is a 2015 finalist in the Anzisha Prize, Africa’s premier award for young entrepreneurs.





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