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“I Survived, Better Yet SLAYED Breast Cancer” – 24 Year-Old Cancer Survivor Shares Her Story As She Celebrates Her Last Treatment


Beyond the month of October when cancer awareness is raised and cancer survivors celebrated, an Instagram user, @geneva_la_jade says men and women, who are survivors should be supported and complimented.

Diagnosed at 22, @geneva_la_jade is thankful for her victory over breast cancer as she celebrates her last treatment for the terrible disease at 24.

She said,

FIRST OF ALL … My name is Jessica Geneva Florence. I am now 24 years old, and I survived, better yet SLAYED breast cancer!

Death to this silent monster!!! I am finally putting you to rest. Today I had my last treatment and it feels so amazing to reach the finish line!!

When I was diagnosed at the age of 22, I never thought I would ever feel like the same woman I was before I lost the only thing I knew, made me a woman. To the freedom and liberation I feel is like no other.

You constantly battle that feeling of being pretty and hideous as if you’re the monster who killed the only you you knew.

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Big shouts to @ihartericka because it is most definitely a lonely personal battle..she inspires me to not be afraid to get out there and love again , and most importantly to love who I am , what I’ve endured, and who I will be come.

October has come to an end yet we feel this is the only time to bring awareness and support breast cancer. We will honor ALL fighters and ALL survivors year round ! We will not be celebrated for just one month ! #breastcancerawareness #nemosnaps#cancersucks #mastectomy #expanders#melaninpoppin #breastcancer#breastimplantremoval – @nemosnaps
Thanks for this amazing vision and creation ❤

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God look at you doing your thang!!! Got me smiling ear to ear! 😁 You really had me fooled. You really had me going there for a second !! How did I even make it this far ? Like who am I ? What makes me so special ? I know your plans for me are beyond me. There is purpose in my testimony and reasons why I am so transparent about my journey and body ! You never know who you may help or inspire in the process and my goal is to inspire the world! Trust God in everything you do ! Pain is temporary! You have to dance in the rain and smile through the pain. I made it because of you and the people you have put in my life ! I think cancer free looks good on me ! 💕 what do you think ? TAG A SURVIVOR!! #breastcancerawareness #breastcancer #mastectomy #cancersurvivor #survivor #cancersucks #cancer #nemosnaps

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Would you believe this was me a year ago?!? Well it is…It took a lot for me to post this but did you notice that smile?! I want to tell you that this was not the most beautiful journey I don’t look like this anymore but you have to embrace the struggle !!… I was stage 3A, HER2+, taking the chemo drugs (taxotere , herceptin, perjeta, and carboplatin) through chemotherapy I did 6 rounds every 3 weeks and I was sick all the time, I couldn’t keep food down, the nausea was unbearable, not to mention the medicine makes you feel insane and crazy !! My face broke out in open sores from all the medicine ..I cried everyday for months because I couldn’t stand to look at myself and how ugly I looked! Make sure you tell your breast cancer survivor she is beautiful if she a female ! Males you are handsome because they get breast cancer too ! Don’t let this part in your journey get you down it is only temporary ! God will always see you through ! BEFORE & AFTER 💕 big shouts to @jefferyk_ on the camera and @iamkayponds for the hair ! Please tag my MUA 😍 #cancersucks #breastcancerawarness #breastcancer

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