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On Living With The Trauma Of Being The Victim Of An ‘Almost Rape’


While some people have met their future spouses on social media platforms, got job offers and other good things, not everyone has such stories to tell. There are so many crazy people out there and they live on these platforms looking for their next victim.

Ruqayah, a twitter user shared how a guy she’s been friends with for over three years tried to rape her the first time she was at his house. He had been asking them to meet but she kept postponing till one day she felt bored and decided to see him.

Although, he has apologized to her, Ruqayah says it’s a trauma she continues to live with.

She tweeted,

I want to drop this gist but my mind says otherwise. I’m not one to take things to heart cos I’m a worrier and I hardly ever forget things but this one broke me and made me have a rethink.

Anyways this happened recently and he is a popular tweep on here. I won’t drop handle but he’d see it and definitely sub me but idc mehn.

Here it goes.

We are cool on the TL and have been following each other for years. Each time he’d ask to see me but I’d refuse cos my mind wasn’t really settled when it came to him, so each time, I refused.

I think it’s been 3 years or so. Can’t really remember how long we have known each other. Anyways, one fateful Thursday, dude asked us to see. I was bored and I needed to get out of the house so I agreed.

Place of meeting was his friend’s place.. Mind you, I knew this friend all too well. I got there and met him with a guy. After some minutes, they went outside, the guy was leaving.

He offered to buy me food but I refused. He insisted and got me biscuit and coke.

We got talking about how guys invite girls over only to have sex with them. And I was like, I hate guys like that. Go straight to the point and tell me what you want, it’s not so hard.

He was like there are too many fuck boys around and I was like yeah. What happened next

I want/thank God I wasn’t even sitting comfortably… This guy jumped on me and tried to kiss me. I pushed him away and we struggled.

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Till we landed on the floor he was on top of me. Now this was where I thought I was done for. He held my hand and took off his shirt. At this moment, I knew I had to do something or else he’d have his way and I fought back.

I tried to wriggle free and I used my knees to push him off me. I don’t know where the strength came from but I fought him. I ran towards the door and tried to open it but I couldn’t.

He came towards me and I ran the opposite way. I told him not to come near me else I’d scream. He started begging, I’m sorry it’s not what you think.

What should I think please? I sat for a while cos I was out of breath and I’m lowkey asthmatic. He tried to come close.

I picked up my bag and ran towards the door. Tried to open it and I couldn’t still. Told him to open it or I’d break it down. He did and I ran out.

I stopped a bike and this nigga did the worst. He followed me, he was at my back when I climbed the bike. I had to yell at the bike man to go. I got to the bus stop and he was still at my back. I swear I was scare mehn when I saw him enter the same bus as me.

I came down out of fear and entered another. He called me throughout my trip home. Sent a text saying how sorry he was and shit.

I was lucky that day but I know he was sent to me. Dear OOMF, I haven’t 4given you and you have to apologise to my face or on here. Idc how

I’ve always been sexualized and this made me stopped trusting people. You know who you are and you can’t even deny this.

I lost my sleep and rest of mind cos I was always thinking why me? yes you’d ask why I went to see him at his house but was I to know he’d attempt to rape me.

This is the trauma I’ve been living with and it’s one of the reasons I find this app disgusting.

I’m Ruqayah and I was almost a rape victim.

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