So You Want Sola Allyson To Be Your Mentor? You’ve Got to Know These Six Things First


Success comes with admiration from many people who will like to learn and be guided. While gospel singer, Sola Allyson is ready to be a mentor and help others through their life journeys, she also wants you to be aware of these six things about the mentor-mentee relationship with her.

She wrote,

Ok. I hear you. You want me to be your “Mentor”. I agree.

1. I am not perfect. I cannot “hold your hands and guide you through life” as you asked. I was damaged too, badly, and I’m still in my own process of being completely healed. I can only help you based on the victories I’ve had. It is The Holy Spirit only Who could help you through life. That’s my source, you get? I have my own flaws, insecurities, fears and all. I am only growing with the renewing of my mind, like you too would.

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2. I don’t want to own you and you don’t owe me anything! Be honorable and respectful but my being your Mentor does not make you belong to me! Live your life. Don’t try to be like me because it won’t make me respect you as much as I should. Oh I’ll appreciate your input and assistance or service in any way you could, but if, honestly you cannot be there, I won’t be offended. You may be younger or smaller for now, still I am not your owner and not the planner of your destiny. My joy is to see you share in The Father’s love like me and apply it into your own life and living, in all you do. For us to be co-partakers in shining The Light!

3. Don’t try to buy me. Oh yes, we all love gifts and I am happy whenever I get gifts. In fact I want a lot of gifts from men and women! But, Friend, that won’t make me be anything I’m not permitted to be to you! If you have gifts to give me, I’ll accept it. Let it be a lot of money sef. I can actually do with an SUV now, a Ford Explorer 2017 to be precise, but if you don’t have much, I’ll still be your friend/Mentor as long as we’re growing together!

4. If you tell me your mistakes, I won’t judge you! WHATEVER. You don’t want to know the mistakes I’ve made in my time of ignorance! Just that I am changed! And I still goof, sometimes many a time!

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5. I won’t tell you just anything so I’ll appear very spiri and intelligent. Many have been misguided for life! We must rely on Help from Above to guide us all in this relationship! And sometimes we must wait.

6. If you invite me to “party”, I may not come. So that you won’t be disappointed that musician doesn’t like parry!



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